Trek Reversebang 2011? Poll!

Jan 06, 2011 15:41

It's about that time of year again. I'm not sure what people's thoughts are about a new round of the Trek Reversebang challenge, so before zippitgood and I launch into a huge production, here's a poll to gauge interest (the timeline will be similar):

Poll Trekreversebang 2011 Interest Poll

ETA: Slight misstep on the "I want to participate" option, there's no maybe option. To get around that, since these are not official signups, so even if you're just sort of considering signing up but aren't really sure, please fill out the "I would like to" option so we at least know how many people might consider it.

Important links:
trekreversebang | FAQs for last year | Masterlist 2010

ETA: Please link this around if you can. Thanks!

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