Yeah... No.

Apr 13, 2013 14:41

When I'm having sex with you and you tell me that I can take the condom off if I want to because you can't get pregnant then I'm bound to start ignoring your phone calls. Just saying.

blabble blabble

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hoeann April 15 2013, 04:51:17 UTC
are you fucking serious? wtf... I get pissed off if a guy comes anywhere near me without a condom on, it's the most annoying thing ever because they're like "I can't cum if it's on... " well fucking practice at home with one on I don't give a fuck. birth control or not it's not the only use for a condom.


Two Comments dntechnolife April 17 2013, 21:17:58 UTC
First of all don't do that, Ellis, that would be extremely fucked up but sometimes pregnancy can be a blessing (at least it worked that way for me but I was still hella young) but it's totally up to you to decide.

Just don't pull a Michael from Melrose Place. In other words don't tell that girl you're with that you aren't ready for kids then when you find out she's pregnant you flip, LOL.

Also, please tell me you watched Awkward last night? I know this is strange coming for me as I hated the second season but I actually have nothing back to say about the premiere.

However Nikki from the Mickey mouse Club (as the Guidance Counselor) was crossing the student/counselor boundaries as usual.

I still hate Sadie though and the redhead. Matty too. Everyone else like Ricky/Ming I'm cool with.


Re: Two Comments firetears_x April 19 2013, 00:20:05 UTC
I liked it. The premiere was kinda meh but the 2nd episode was really great. I love to hate Sadie, though. But why do you hate Matty? That's my home boy.


Re: Two Comments dntechnolife April 19 2013, 00:33:30 UTC
Hes simply overrated to me


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