Return of the Sam 12/?

Oct 18, 2014 18:24

Chapter 12


There was a moment of stunned silence during which at least I tried to figure out what Crowley was trying to say here.

"I'll do it." Dean proclaimed, apparently already a few steps ahead of me.

"What?" In disbelieve Sam turned to his brother. "No."
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sam winchester, kevin tran, stanford friends, original characters, dean winchester, bunker, season 9, outsider pov, crowley, castiel

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jpgr October 18 2014, 23:34:27 UTC
Wow, Luis is going through so much. I watched the pilot last night and all I could think of during the party was your stories about him. :)


emebalia October 19 2014, 08:06:11 UTC
They were all so young back then.


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