Return of the Sam 12/?

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Chapter 12


There was a moment of stunned silence during which at least I tried to figure out what Crowley was trying to say here.

"I'll do it." Dean proclaimed, apparently already a few steps ahead of me.

"What?" In disbelieve Sam turned to his brother. "No."

"Why not?" Dean asked. "Let's face it, I'm the best candidate for this. I know my way around with a scalpel and I know my way around a human body." He started strong and confident but in the end he lowered his voice almost as if he was ashamed of his abilities.
Oh, he is.

"And your shoulder?" Sam pointed out.

"Luis can override that."

"And bust it up for good?" Sam shot back. "Not happening."

"You have any better ideas?"

This looked like it was about to turn into a real argument between the brothers. I felt Crowley leaning back in amusement while I just stared at the brothers with still no clue what they were even arguing about.

Cas and Kevin looked as puzzled as I felt, Cas with a birdlike tilt of his head and eyes narrowed on the two men and Kevin looking from Dean to Sam to me and back to the paper in his hand.

What are they arguing about? I asked the only person in the room who may would give me an answer.

They try to settle who is going to get naughty with you. Crowley answered in a way too cheerful tone.

What do you mean? A few not so pleasant thoughts crept into my mind, pretty much the effect he'd wanted to cause.

Don't get your panties in a twist. This ain't getting naughtier than you and me right now.

You mean …? Realization dawned on me. They were arguing over which of them I should possess?

Took you long enough, mate. How did you finish med school?

I ignored him for now and focused on the argument going on in front of me.

While I'd been busy with the conversation in my head Sam had taken pity on the other two left out of the loop and had clued them in. Now all four of them were telling each other how stupid the idea was and that Dean due to his shoulder was out of this. Not that he was ready to accept that fact.

"Yeah, Sam?" He straightened up but it lost a bit of its effect when he had to take a sharp inhale when the pain sparked with the movement. "Who else could do it? You? That's the last thing you want to happen to you."

"I could do it." Kevin piped up but both brothers ignored him.

"At least this time I've a choice." Sam countered. " And I wouldn't come out with permanent damage."

"Says you." Dean shot back. "When have you ever come out of something like this without damage?"

"This is different and you know it."

"I could do it." Kevin repeated, louder now but with the same effect as before. Which was none.

"I think Kevin is right." At least Castiel seemed to have noticed what the teenager was saying. Apparently what I was thinking of the whole situation was no point of discussion. Not that I had an idea what to think of the situation, anyway. Fucked up, maybe.

While they sort this out, you and me could do something productive, Crowley suggested. Whoever it's going to be, you'll need to know how to get in there. Believe me, that's going to be a tight one.

You doing this on purpose?

He didn't answer and turned around to have a look at Georgy still lying motionless in the bed. I couldn't turn my head but I still heard them arguing behind my back. Nobody was paying attention to us. Which was probably not good.

You're way too tense, Crowley said but didn't give back the control to me. Once again he could do whatever he wanted. Right now I want to teach you how to ride your man.

Does everything you have to say about this has to be a stupid pun?

Watch and learn. Instead of an answer images flashed in my mind. I can't put it in words, it was way more than just words, it was images, feelings, which flooded my mind. However, I got the idea behind this. In fact, it didn't seem that difficult. In theory.

"Luis?" A voice pierced through the tornado in my mind, faint as if there was a large distance between us. "Dammit, Crowley. Bring him back."

Slowly I surfaced. Everybody's eyes were on me and Sam stood next to me, I'd no clue when he'd come over, in a dangerous posture as if he was about to strike. I didn't see his knife but I was pretty sure he had it on him.

"I'm here." I said. "Just spaced out for a minute." It may actually had been two minutes or longer. The images in my mind faded and I felt more like myself again but it left me with an uneasy feeling that I had tuned out everything around me for a while. I couldn't tell if they had come to an agreement. Or if Crowley had done something while I hadn't been watching.

"You okay?" The dangerous look left Sam's face and now he watched me in concern.

"I'll feel better as soon I got the bullet out and my mind for myself again." I tried to joke but the words came out more hoarse than intended. I licked my lips. "Can we get this show on the road now?" I asked, almost pleaded. You can get used to a lot, I knew that and I was kind of okay with my situation but at that point I was ready to get it over with. One way or another.

"Yeah." Sam cleared his throat and threw a glance back at his brother. Under other circumstances I would have smirked at that, no matter how big or old Sam got, he was still the little brother looking at his big brother for guidance. "I'm going to assist you during the surgery." He didn't sound happy with that decision.

"So Kevin?" I asked, looking at the teenager. He may have been older than I guessed but not by much. However, I'd noticed the haunted look in his eyes before. No matter how young he was, he'd seen his fair share of horror already.

You've no idea.

Despite that, Kevin did seem nervous.

"I've the spell." He smoothed out the paper he'd clutched in his hand. "But Sam said it won't be easy for you to possess somebody."

"It usually takes years of practice before a ghost can do anything like that." Sam confirmed. "But I guess Crowley can help you with that."

"Already did, Moose." Crowley took over. "We're way ahead of you."

"You think Luis can do this?" Sam directed his question at Crowley and once again I felt left out, as if I was just a bystander in this scenario.

"He had me as his teacher." That sounded more confident than he felt, I could tell, but we would only know for sure when I'd actually tried it.

"Then let's do this." Dean slammed his fist on the bed, on the soft surface it didn't make much of a sound but it got us going.

I had one last check on George, he was stable for now but we shouldn't waste any more time.

All three - or four? - of us prepared ourselves for surgery. It was weird to disinfect my own chest and then lay down on the table by myself but we wanted to do the merry-go-round as late in the process as possible.

I wasn't sure if we should use anesthesia, though. Crowley could lay still and suppress the pain just fine while I would dig around in his chest.

You'll have to come back here while you're still on the table. He pointed out to me. And by then I'll be gone.

Good point.

The anesthesia didn't affect him much but later on I would be grateful for it.

Kevin and Sam had changed into operation gowns as well and if I was honest, Kevin looked like a kid playing dress up.

We were as ready as we would ever get so I gave them one last nod before I laid back to wait for the things to come.

Kevin started to recite something in what I recognized as Latin but I didn't understand the meaning of the words. At one point Sam painted something on my forehead with my own blood, the doctor in me cringed at that biohazard but I kept my mouth shut.

Kevin finished the spell and then there was that one moment I thought only happened on TV when nothing happens and everybody thinks it didn't work. However, a second later something did happen. I felt something like a pull or maybe a shove and then the world tilted. One second I was looking at the ceiling and the next I was vertical again.

"Luis?" Sam asked but not in my direction.

"Luis has left the building." A voice answered that somewhat sounded like mine. The kind of mine I knew from recordings, that never sounded like mine but everybody told me it totally did.

Looking around I tried to get my bearings. I stood opposite of Sam and Kevin with the table between us. And of course my body, now only occupied by Crowley.

"I'm here." I said but they didn't seem to hear. "Hey!" I tried louder and waved my hand in front of Sam's face. He looked right through it. However, he was looking around, searching for me.

They had told me that this whole ghost thing wasn't easy but I hadn't figured they wouldn't even able to see me. But seeing me wasn't the important point here anyway.

"I can do this." I reassured myself and stepped around the table to get closer to Kevin. I didn't quite manage to turn the corner properly and bumped into the edge of the table but to my surprise it went right through my leg. At that sight I swallowed thickly but then I forced myself to focus on Kevin.

"Luis?" He spoke and for a second I thought he could see me but his eyes went straight through me. "I'm ready."

This felt wrong on so many levels but I shoved my doubts into the depth of my mind. One glance at the rectangle of bare skin, covered with the orange disinfectant framed by green operation drape, told me that this way my only chance. The bullet wound looked almost harmless but the entry point always did.

"I can do this." I repeated and tried to remember the things Crowley had shown me. It had seemed so simple at that point but now I wasn't so sure if I could do it.

At my first try I stumbled through Kevin without getting a hold on him. He did shiver at that attempt, though.

"Kevin?" Sam had noticed it too.

"I think he just tried to ..." He made a gesture at himself. His brave facade was fragile at best and I wondered if Sam wouldn't be the better candidate here after all. But I would need somebody to assist me and Sam was better at that. At least he had some experience with this.

Taking a breath, figuratively, I turned around to try again.

Focus, I told myself. Straightening up I stepped closer to the oblivious boy in front of me. There was something like a flicker.

"Luis." Sam breathed and I had only a second to realize that he could see me. Then I stepped into Kevin and grabbed him. It wasn't a physical thing, more a state of the mind, but I managed to get a hold on him. He started to slip out of my grip and for a moment I was sure that I would just step through him again but then something in our minds clicked and I was there.

It was a weird feeling and nothing like what I'd gotten used to with Crowley.

Kevin? I asked into his mind but there was no response. I felt him, yes, he was there, watching, but for some reason he couldn't answer me.

Slowly I raised my hands and turned them.

"Luis, is that you?" Sam asked, watching me closely.

"It's me." I dropped my hands, they were smaller than the ones I was used to, I should keep that in mind, and stepped closer to the table. Taking a deep breath I held on hand out to Sam. "Scalpel."

Chapter 13

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