TVD 4x23: Mystic Falls, the New Switzerland of Valuables Storage

May 17, 2013 07:37

So that's it, guys. That's season 4. We're done. Isn't that strange? It's been sort of a crazy year. Part of me wants to write a full-scale, absurdly long recap, for old time's sake. But I have a crazy few days ahead of me, and I can't really afford to spend 6 hours (lol, 6 hours. More like 10.) analyzing every small detail. So my abbreviated ( Read more... )

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lynnenne May 17 2013, 22:26:59 UTC
What are you, Stefan Salvatore. I need a flow chart.

This is the funniest line I've read all day.

Damon/physics = new OTP.

Always and forever.

I don't really think the show realizes how succinctly it summed up the S/E vs. D/E dynamic, but it really did. And is it any fucking wonder that I ship the latter.

So much this.

"Contrary to popular belief, there are actually multiple Ones." YES, THANK YOU, LEXI, FOR SAYING IT. It needs to be said! Often and over again.

It does seem too eerily similar to be coincidental.

It's not. One of the TVD writers used to work on BtVS. There is no way in hell that they would not have known about Angel in his watery grave. It's a deliberate homage, and I love love love it.

Stefan has an evil doppleganger. AND HE SHALL BE CALLED STEFANGELUS.


ever_neutral May 18 2013, 09:23:07 UTC
Why is this the one ship I am uncomfortable shipping?
lol. tbh for me it’s the fact that Alaric basically became Elena’s parental guardian. That takes it from inappropriate student/teacher wrong to quasi- cross-gen incest wrong lbr. (THOUGH SHIPPERS MAY CARRY ON IF THEY SO DESIRE.)

You know how I feel about the sire bond nonsense.

The sire bond was a mistake. A huge, staggering, tragic, horrifying mistake. It will never NOT be a mistake. There will never, never be a moment in this show that will make the existence of the sire bond worth it. It has, unfortunately, irrevocably damaged my opinion of this show.


The way the show 'dealt with' the sire bond was so hilariously inadequate that I actually feel sort of justified in straight up ignoring that it ever happened. Clearly, the writers don't think it has any real import.Basically ( ... )


eowyn_315 May 18 2013, 18:16:06 UTC
The way the show 'dealt with' the sire bond was so hilariously inadequate that I actually feel sort of justified in straight up ignoring that it ever happened. Clearly, the writers don't think it has any real import. Which is baffling, but whatever. If they want to just toss out this huge season conflict so easily, fine. I'll do the same.

This, basically. I have NEVER been able to take the sire bond seriously, so it never bothered me to the point of manifesto-ing, lol, but w/e, I'm happy to keep ignoring it.

"What am I supposed to to, tell her it's her choice? Cause that worked out so well." Um, YES, STEFAN. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO, BECAUSE IT IS HER CHOICE, YOU FUCKTARD.

LMFAO "respects her choices" my ass.

Sometimes this show is very crafty. And sometimes it's much less sneaky that it thinks it is.

LOL apparently Julie Plec said it originally WAS going to be Damon who got the cure, but then the entire internet guessed it, so they felt they had to change it to be less predictable. Which, good.

Alright, this ( ... )


Part 1 crowandfog May 19 2013, 01:04:47 UTC
~I am still meh on Lexi, but who isn't nowadays. Still, she didn't make me want to set her on fire in this ep, so that's a considerable improvement to, well, always.

Same. Like you though, I really saw merit in the stuff she said to Stefan at the end. This was probably her best episode.

~Matt/Rebekah. I just. Really? Also, what is the freaking point of setting Matt up on a trigger thing. Like, why. What does that even do. WHY DID ANY OF THIS HAPPEN. Rebekah isn't even staying on this show! I honestly can't even. I'm done.I really don't know why this is happening either, and I'd like for it to stop before the new season begins. It's gross. Rebekah used to be the love of my life, and now I don't even recognize her. I blame Matt. (And Julie Plec.) I've said repeatedly that if Rebekah is willing to be in a relationshp where she is made to feel worthless, then she should be with her brothers. That's always been her thing with Klaus. I thought her other relationships were supposed to be about making her feel like a queen? I just don't ( ... )


Part 2 crowandfog May 19 2013, 01:05:17 UTC
~I love how Stefan was all, "I will go to New Orleans myself to beg Klaus to save my brother..." and then he just went to graduation instead. Nice one, Stefan.


~It was nice of Mystic Falls High to bus in kids from nearby towns to fill out the graduation ceremony.


What is wrong with me that I so enjoy watching Damon get shot repeatedly. Should I worry about this.

Eh, don't worry. Damon's one of those characters who's just infinitely enjoyable in any and all circumstances.

"The rest of us will be fine, we'll survive. I mean, you taught us." Um. WHAT. WHAT IN THE ACTUALITY OF FUCK DID STEFAN TEACH YOU ALL. HOW TO NOT SO CLEANLY REMOVE LIMBS? I can't.


Bonnie being gone is a problem. Because I can't have her gone. This show doesn't work as well without her. That being said, I did love everything about her death. This is exactly how Bonnie would go. It was ridiculously true to character, and wonderful in its way. I just need it not to stick. Bonnie needs to be back k ( ... )


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