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Jan 23, 2013 16:21

Two posts in one week? What is this? A center for ants? #irrelevant

Still don't have a computer (ugh), but I'm feeling the need to talk about things, so I'm on my third actual computer usage of 2013. Three! How exciting. Also, I've decided I'm going to use multiple LJ cuts for the first time ever. This is a daring endeavor. Trying new things for the new year.

First up: this Sunday marked my second half-marathon ever. I did this same one last year (I mean, when there's a half-marathon at Disneyland, you do it. You just do it, ok?), and much like last year, my terrible, terrible left knee pretty much prevented me from being able to run past a certain point. Which is quite irksome. I power-walked more swiftly than I believed I could once my knee gave out, but I had promised myself that I wouldn't run through pain like I did last year. This decision has proven to be wise, since I'm already walking fairly normally, which is quite a contrast from the debilitating limp I ambled along with for nearly a month last year. Still, after a year of physical therapy, doctor visits, MRIs, the whole extravaganza, I am very frustrated that this knee is still an issue. So, runners on my flist: any tips? Have any of you gone through this sort of thing? Any advice on how to fix this stubborn knee of mine? Terrible joints, knees. Really, someone should have done a better job designing them.

So that sounded grim, but the whole weekend was actually very fun and I had a lovely time. We played in Disneyland on Friday, California Adventure on Saturday, and ran on Sunday morning (and I mean morning. As in, wake up at 3:45 AM morning.). So now I'm sore pretty much everywhere (seriously, everywhere. There is no muscle group that isn't somehow feeling the effects.), and I've been alternately icing and Epsom salt-bathing for days, but I'm glad I did it, and I hope I'm healthy enough to do it again next year

And now for some residual TVD thoughts. I realized about a half an hour after I posted my 'recap' that I failed to mention this, but it bears discussion. Unsurprisingly, it's about D/E. Has anyone been discussing the fact that Damon essentially invited Elena to witness his partial involvement in a mass murder? We had this big D/E declaration scene, and yes, it was amazing, but it also surprised me that Damon caved and asked Elena to come to him. But then the end of the episode happened, and I realized it's all part of the plan. As much as I want these two kids to just say fuck the sire bond, let's do this, because I just can't honestly believe that the sire bond is a real thing, I just don't think that Damon will ever really allow himself to be with Elena until he knows for sure what's what. But clearly, all the logic in the world isn't making a damn bit of difference to Elena, who keeps pushing and pushing, which just makes it harder and harder for Damon to stay strong. But h has o stay strong, for her, for him, because his entire worldview is based upon honesty and the sire bond threatens the way he functions. So he's basically calling Elena's bluff. She says she loves him, that she doesn't care about the sire bond, that she can handle everything that he is. So he's going to make her confron everything hat he is.

Really, it's classic Damon. He's going to show her the absolute worst of him, because that's how he's always handled these moments of intimacy between them. But this time, it isn't so much him self-sabotaging. I think it's a test. He is bringing Elena right in the middle of this bar full of people he helped conspire to murder, a bar he's also thrown her brother into, placing said brother directly into harm's way For er. Let's be honest, this looks bad. And either Elena will be horrified and disgusted and realize that she can't handle being with Damon, not really. Or. Or she'll deal with it, take it in stride, and tell him she still wants him. And that's how he'll know for sure that the sire bond really is affecting how she feels about him. Ok, so maybe he still is self-sabotaging. But it's a highly logical and pointed self-sabotage, and it's all to serve a purpose. Damon needs to keep Elena away from him until he can solve this sire bond business. And he will keep trying until he figures out a way to keep her away effectively.

Or maybe I'm totally wrong and he really just doesn't have the willpower anymore to fight her on this. You guys tell me. I'm all for discussing this. It just seems to me that Damon is far too intelligent to designated drive Jeremy and Matt into your friendly neighborhood Murder Bar and conveniently forget that he just invited the love of his life to come to him, stat. Just saying

Ok, last up: we need to talk abou The Hour. I haven't really discussed this show much on LJ, because I've been behind and I fear spoilers for this show like I fear the plague, but guys. I love this show. I love love LOVE this show. I have since the first episode of the first season when fucking Freddie Lyon, that brilliant, wonderful fool, showed up on my screen, accompanied by the incomparable Bel Rowley (I have always loved Romola Garai, ever since freaking Daniel Deronda Anyone? ......anyone?), and it's been a torrid love affair ever since. But I just finished the second season, and I simply must talk about it, because HOLY FUCK WHY SHOWWWWWW. Ughhhhh. Someone tell me a third season is definitely happening. I need it. I NEEDS IT, PRECIOUS.

But can we just talk about everyone and everything, please? I don't even know what can be said about Freddie other than yes and perfect and always. I adore him. Even my sister fangirls him, and my sister is not a fangirl (I sort of sucked up all the fangirl cells in my gene pool). The ladies on this show are aces x1000000. I literally almost bought a dress a few weeks ago just because I sort of looked like Bel Rowley in it (I ended up not doing so, because believe it or not, I am NOT a producer on a 1950s British news program, and I had precious little occasion to wear it, short of going out and finding myself a British news program of my own to run). Lix is flaw-free. I even love Sissy. And I have this absurd obsession with Marnie. Like, I ADORE her. And not even just in this series when she became indisputably badass. I mean even way back in series 1 when she was just the inconvenient wife staying true to her terrible husband. Even then, there was this quiet strength and amazingness to her that I just took to immediately. I love Marnie, guys. I was so worried she would mysteriously disappear after season 1 for Game of Thrones reasons (or because shows do tend to do that once love triangles have reached a conclusion), but she stayed, and she was even more flawless, and Hector finally realized how fucking lucky he was. MARNIE MADDEN IS MY QUEEN, GUYS. Damn, these ladies are the best.

Also, the addition of Peter Capaldi, god among men, was such a delight. That man can really do anything.

Ok, but let's discuss OTP trauma. I was team Bel/Freddie from, well, probably the first scene of them ever, because it was so beautifully quiet, the way they were in series 1. They didn't overplay the pining or anything. It was just Freddie, in love with Bel, as he'd always been, and her taking for granted that he would always be there, and they carried on with their lives because that's the way it had always been with them. And then series 2 happened, and yes, it did get a lot more starcrossed and overt, but it was still played so beautifully, and just. The way these two look at each other. I CAN'T. Ughhhhh. I love them. And then we had that finale, and I don't even know what to do with myself. I wasn't worried for Freddie because he has protagonist privilege, but then I remembered that this show was smart and British and just might kill off its lead to be edgy. AND THEN I FRETTED FOR THE ENTIRE LAST TEN MINUTES OF THE EPISODE AND COULDN'T FOCUS AND I'M STILL ANXIOUS JUST WHY SHOW WHY. I haven't been reading any posts abou The Hour or the aforementioned fear of spoilers reasons, but if any of you have been similarly freaking out, COME TO ME. GET IN YOUR CARS AND COME TO ME AND LET US FREAK OUT TOGETHER.

I mean. You are possible, with me. I JUST CAN'T.

In short: I bloody love this show. Please god, let there be a series 3.

I think that's it! For now, at least. New TVD ep tomorrow! Tell me, guys, was last week's recap sufficient for now? I'd like to get back to writing my typical novel-length recaps at some point, but for now, the albeit not quite so brief but still comparatively positively succinct bullet points are just so much more feasible. So will that do, team?

Til tomorrow (or Friday morning-ish), fair friends!

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