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Dec 04, 2006 22:58

People are so amazing. Well, tpk757 is particularly amazing. And generous. And smilla02 and tabaqui. Look what they made me!
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quellefromage December 15 2006, 23:53:18 UTC
did you see this? About Plastic!Winchester Theater? At the end, they talk about...YOU!! WOOT!!!

"We’ll have more fan-created material next week - including a chilling tale involving Vancouver landmarks and a particularly nasty fabric-softener mascot. Keep e-mailing your suggestions to!"


big_pink December 16 2006, 00:21:35 UTC
Jesus Christ in a mini-skirt, eh? Lemmypie emailed me this aft (as I was stuck in one of those soul-destroying meetings that...destroys souls, yeah?) with this bit of news, sending me into an immediate state of catatonia mixed with deep-seated panic. Dear lord, that old thing? Had to literally go re-read it to make sure I hadn't said something completely fucking hopeless.

I am feeling as though someone's lifted up my rock. It may be why I haven't posted anything in a little while...although that could also just be the flurry of activity my otherwise sonambulent clients have suddenly roused themselves to on account of End of Fiscal looming its dreaded head. Fuckers. Work has sucked me dry.

But I have a fresh shiny completed outline for the next fic burning a hole on my hard drive, just waiting me to get to work on it. Hehehehehe. The only cure for quasi fic-fame is to post something awful and just get it over with.

Wow. Was a mini meltdown? I do believe it was! Thanks, B!

Chrz, Liz


quellefromage December 17 2006, 02:25:47 UTC
I think Yahoo ate my first reply, so if you get two, just bask in the double love.

It's so cool that you're gonna be on the official website blog thingie.--even if it does freak you out. Bear Hunt is great--now everyone will know. Kudos.

I wondered where you'd been. I miss you. But work, and this time of year is tough. Hang in, don't let them suck you too dry. You know how to hydrate, right? Whiskey, La Maudite...whatever.

Dude, you don't even have awful in your repetoire. Everything you post is fun, fabulous, and entertaining as hell.and I'm doing the dance of joy here, just knowing you've got something in the works...wanna give me a clue? *grins*


big_pink December 17 2006, 17:38:56 UTC
Sigh. No double love, I'm afraid, just the single one, Yahoo be damned. Oooh, some La Maudite would go down fine. I got well lubricated last night, however, and am paying the price today (I reckon one cup of coffee per estimated glass of wine last night should do the trick).

Oh, I so have awful in my repertoire. You have NO idea. But I cannot tell you of the special hell we're all going to (and I'm so not talking wincest here, oh no) for taking the piss out of the badfic writers. Special goddamn hell. Hurts so good.

No clues for you! It's in the Red verse, but examines some other crap. More Sam-related this one, I think. Um, and there's John. And teachers and stuff. But no forests or fairy tales. Or treeplanters.

My escapade last night involved getting hit on by a treeplanter and my husband ignoring my increasingly frantic signals across the party for assistance -- a clear case of drowning, not waving. Bastard. So I think I've had enough of treeplanters for the next little while.


grrli December 18 2006, 18:03:47 UTC
OH! Do you think that we could use this image for the post in for Red on spn_audio_novel?


astrothsknot December 19 2006, 15:00:40 UTC
Hi, just dropping a note to let you know I've friended you after your fic was recced to me. I tend to come ofr the fic and stay for the chat, so hello!


big_pink December 21 2006, 01:20:34 UTC
Hello back. While I'm incredibly sociable, and I do post random things occasionally, I mostly post fic and respond to the flist when rl isn't busy beating me senseless (as it has for the last four weeks or so). I'm getting ready to start with the Next Thing, first draft back from the betas. Trying to figure out the timing of the post -- Christmas looming and all. But maybe the hiatus is a good time to start something new, eh? Who knows.



qzxy July 2 2007, 10:27:41 UTC
This was the first thing I saw before reading Red, and I sat there marveling at it, wondering what this story could possible hold in store to inspire such an awesome, creepy image. And boy, was I in for it. I want so badly for this to be bound into an actual novella, with this as the cover, all glossy and clean. And for there to be pre-chapter illustrations a la Harry Potter. Makes me want to pick up the pencils and pastels after 7 artless years...


daydreamgrl May 7 2009, 10:09:17 UTC
Ahhh!!! The pic is not showing! (Just thought you should know, 'cause it was awesome!)


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