SPN fic: Red 7/10

Nov 05, 2006 21:36

Red, Chapter 7/Little Black Raincloud

What is it? Gen, PG-13, mature and disquieting content, bucketsful of swearing, blood, chainsaw accidents, character mutilation, a creepy sexual predator, and obligatory angst (these are the Winchesters we’re talking about). WIP, will be 10 chapters.

Disavowals: Eh, who can say they really own anything ( Read more... )

red, supernatural, fanfic

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janissa11 November 6 2006, 01:50:22 UTC
How many freaking ways can I say "Oh Dean?" You LEFT HIM WITH THE WOLF, wiht a SAW THROUGH HIM. And he's CRYING at the end of this chapter, and I know I can just hear the sound he's making.

Hurty. Ow. Broke me.


big_pink November 6 2006, 18:38:04 UTC
Mean and nasty Big Pink, all mean like that. And, hey, it wasn't a SAW, it was a stake! Um, which is no better, yeah? But just to be precise and all.

You had to read it. I had to write it. Don't know which is worse.

How's the Nano thingie? Going well I hope?


janissa11 November 6 2006, 18:55:37 UTC
Oops, stake, saw, PENETRATING TRAUMA. Left him! Sticking out of him!

Nano is...going. Dunno about the "well" part, but it's going. I also have an acid stomach and a huge zit thanks to it. Not fair in the slightest.


realpestilence July 21 2007, 05:48:18 UTC
Does John *really* think that Dean would skip out on them for weeks to go play paintball and screw around, leaving his father injured, his Sammy unprotected, and both of them short on food and facing possible eviction?! That's real nice, John, you ass!

Re: everything else-this fic is seriously creeping me out. *shivers*



(The comment has been removed)

big_pink November 6 2006, 18:40:18 UTC
Oh, I know. We're all going to have to start a support group with this one, eh? For ages I've known that I had to write the 'telephone call with Pastor Jim' scene and I was both looking forward to it and somewhat dreading it. So glad it moved you.


zelost_mind November 6 2006, 03:02:20 UTC
Man, when he jumped up on that stump, and couldn't see anything, but he could hear it, and i was like *don't slip, don't slip dontfuckingslip*. And then he did. Then you got me all blurry eyed when he's in the phone booth trying to keep it in...

and his dad actually believed he was off paint balling?! Love this so much...


big_pink November 6 2006, 18:42:13 UTC
Love the icon -- just...so nice! Um, nice because this fic is so fucking dark at the moment. Must write something happier next time. I got all blurry-eyed writing it, which never happens to me (I'm a cold-hearted sadistic bitch that way).


liptonrm November 6 2006, 03:06:11 UTC
I've been waiting for this all day. Somehow something told me that another part would be up today and *flail* was this worth the wait.

You creeped me out and made me sob at the end and oh my gosh. I swear, every story you write breaks my heart even more. This is astounding. You're astounding.

*takes deep, calming breaths*


big_pink November 6 2006, 18:45:19 UTC
Why thank you. I reckoned that if I didn't have people sobbing at the phone booth scene I should just stop sharpening my pencil. I think every other time I've been called 'astounding' it wasn't in a good way, so thanks.


tabaqui November 6 2006, 03:15:27 UTC
Oooh, man. Dean all huddled down in a phone booth, can't talk, can't breathe....oh fucking hell.

Right, okay. Jayzus. This is so damn good. *Sam* - move your ass. Heh.
*wrings hands*

The best stuff is the stuff that gives you a knot in your stomach and makes you think about it for days.

Days, bay-bee.


big_pink November 6 2006, 18:47:12 UTC
Been livin' with that phone booth scene for weeks, now, Baq. Glad to give 'er, as we say up here.


tabaqui November 6 2006, 22:29:23 UTC
I'll bet.


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