SPN fic: Red 5/10

Oct 25, 2006 19:19

The Suits: have the complete right to claim ownership over the Winchesters. To my eternal sorrow, I know that.

Warning! It’s PG-13, but it’s dancing a fine line. Gen, kids in dangerous situations, swearing, adult content, violence. WIP, will be 10 chapters.

The Puppeteers: Those two people with their hands up my back are lemmypie and jmm0001. ( Read more... )

red, supernatural, fanfic

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big_pink October 26 2006, 20:12:37 UTC
You were afraid to READ? Hell, imagine what it's like to have these scenarios running around inside your head for weeks on end. Jeesh. And you know what? We're only half-way through.


ieki October 26 2006, 00:49:30 UTC
Hi, just a little message from a long-time reader!
Thanks for this, made getting up today all the more worth it. I've enjoyed your stories for a long time now, I just am not a 'public talker' and I can't find an email address (that's pretty wise of you really..)

I really enjoy your writing, it started out good and has been getting better and better. You are handling the three timelines with skill! I can't wait to read more.


big_pink October 26 2006, 20:16:26 UTC
Hi! I don't know if enjoy is exactly what I'm hoping readers get out of this one, but I'm certainly glad that you're reading it, period. I'm glad that teenDean running away from a pedophilic wolf helps you get out of bed. *chortles*

Ah, my email. I've cleverly embedded it at the end of the Bear Hunt comic book if you need it, actually. But I'll make you go read that, in case you haven't already (check out my 'memories' page, or scroll down my entries for September...I think I posted it sometime early on, like August 31 or September 1).

I'm so super-secret tricky that way.

More soon, of course. I can't keep my fingers away from this pie for long.


ieki October 27 2006, 06:21:31 UTC
Ok yeah, put it that way and that kinda is strange motivation for clambering out of bed!

"Enjoy" isn't just for happy fun park kinda fun, crying can be enjoyable under the right circumstances! However I am emotionally stunted, or something, and am unable to put a name to whatever I feel. So, checking every day for a fic I know that you post weekly, well that means I must enjoy reading it! Or I'm slow, I guess.

I did read the bear hunt. I've been using the 'lego hair' thing ever since to yell at Sam while watching the show. Plus Ellen from the Roadhouse is now "Ellen, the crazy exposition lady".

Mmm, pie....


tabaqui October 26 2006, 01:31:38 UTC
Ah, *Jayzus*. You make my heart pound like a rabbit's, man. Just....
his wasn’t Dad’s voice, advising him to take his fucking knife out and slash this asshole behind him. This was…this was…and he hadn’t heard this voice for so long, for almost ten years and why was she here now?

And Sam *knows* but Dean won't say and your brothers make me wanna *scream* with the not talking and the evasion and....
Love it love it love it.

But my heart is hurting and i want to cuddle these boys big time.
After i smack 'em.


big_pink October 26 2006, 20:18:35 UTC
Between the smacks and hugs, the boys will probably get the job done. However, I think the exquisite torture actually comes from what they don't, won't and can't say to each other, not what they DO say. I'm a big fat meanie that way, putting you through it.

And you keep coming back for more, so I'm going to assume you like it.


tabaqui October 26 2006, 20:35:59 UTC
You *are* mean. And i do love it. What's that say about me?
*and you*


janissa11 October 26 2006, 03:41:21 UTC
Okay, woman, you and me gots to talk. See, I have high blood pressure. And it's stories like THIS ONE that give it to me. (Well, it was already there. but NEVER MIND ( ... )


big_pink October 26 2006, 20:25:49 UTC
Listen, seriously, I CAN'T be responsible for your bar tab, woman. That weight these shoulders can't bear.

But I'll buy you beer, promise. Or a shot of tequila. Or a pint of Tanqueray, whatever's your poison. So take your blood pressure medicine and maybe I'll get Lemmypie to take you to a yoga class. It's all good...ohhhhhhhmmmmmm.

And we're only half-way through, toots. There's still plenty to come, although we will have to let go of the 92/97 storylines at some point and Sam has to come into play, cause the poor boy's just been fretting in the corner for the last little while and I don't think that's particularly good for his blood pressure ( ... )


northface11 October 26 2006, 04:47:41 UTC
I'm about to collapse of exhaustion so I'll be short. Um, if it's possible, given the material in this chapter. So, number one, the repetition of the bugs. It's made me scratchy just reading about them. 99% DEET, all the way. It'll take your face off, and tone down the horseflies a touch. And Astrid being made of telephone wire. And Sam and Dean and their parallel conversations--Sam talking about one thing, Dean ignoring that topic and answering different questions, repeatedly. They've done that their entire lives.


big_pink October 27 2006, 00:08:01 UTC
Hey K, poor you *pets you* all that pesky old work. Dang. All group work? Teeth gnashing ensues.

Every single interview I've read with the treeplanters, they just go on and on about the bugs. My homage to them...bugs and DEET. Oh, and duct tape, of course.


northface11 October 27 2006, 01:37:20 UTC
We've taken group work to a whole new level. Picture me sitting in front of a laptop, operating the mouse. One groupmate on the left, operating the number keys. Other groupmate on the right, hitting the enter key. For five straight hours. There's no 'I' in teamwork.


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