[fic] racing on the thunder and rising with the heat [1/3]

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Title: racing on the thunder and rising with the heat [1/3]
Author: badboy_fangirl
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Kara Danvers/Mick Rory
Warnings: Crossover fic, PWP
Spoilers: Everything through Supergirl 2x08 and DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2x07, with speculation beyond that.
Word count: ~1600
Summary: Kara and Mick run into each other in a bar...and it goes exactly like you'd expect after that.
Author's Notes: Title and quotes lifted from (and some slightly tweaked) "Holding Out For a Hero" as covered by Ella Mae Bowen. This is for leobrat because of conversations...and I haven't written fic in over a year, so go easy on me. Chapter two will have the sex, because even with PWP, I have to have ~reasons.

Chapter One: isn't there a supergirl to sweep me off my feet?

I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure, he's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life

When Kara opens up the portal and zips through to Barry's Earth, she isn't thinking about what she'll do when she gets there. She just knows she has to get away from her Earth, and all its complications.

Nobody's called her for months to say there's a problem and this is a job for Supergirl. She's glad they're safe, but she could really use a distraction right now.

Mon-El, it turns out, does remember the kiss they shared when he thought he was going to die, but he hadn't been man enough to say so…until yesterday when she started confiding in him that she was romantically interested the Guardian. Part of her thought it was kind of cute, that he seemed insecure, but the larger part of her thought it was pretty darn annoying.

On top of that, James was the Guardian. Alex had apparently known for a while, and accidentally let it slip two days earlier when Kara mused about the fact that when she and Mon-El fought together these days, rarely did the Guardian show up. Kara found herself angry with her sister for keeping the secret, but now that she knew, it was a complication that had brought a lot of feelings with it.

Feelings she thought she'd lost a long time ago.

James had saved her many times, and seemed content to never take credit. On top of that, he obviously didn't want to be partners. And that hurt her more than she could explain.

She and Mon-El teamed up all the time, and had had lots of successes, but the Guardian only showed up when Supergirl was about to have her ass handed to her, which happened from time to time. He always got her out of dire situations.

It meant something to her, and her affinity for the Guardian had been growing over the last several months. Alex had teased her ages ago that she seemed to have a crush on the Guardian, and silently, she'd agreed. There was something sexy and special about the unknown.

Now she knows who it is, though, and all the sexy and special feelings she once had for James Olsen have returned full force.

The last thing she wanted to do was ask him if he was interested in trying it again, because what if she got to the moment of truth like she had before, and she lost the feeling again?

(Or she just simply chickened out, which might have been what happened to begin with. She doesn't like thinking of herself as cowardly.)

On Barry's Earth, she finds a bar and walks in with her head held high and demands a shot of Jack Daniels. She doesn't know why, except that maybe she'd seen it in a movie or something. Or maybe it's just something Kara Danvers would never do, and that's why she does it.

She drinks it all at once, the way she's also seen in the movies, and it burns all the way down. So then she begins choking.

"Nice," a deep voice rumbles from down the bar.

She looks over, now wiping at the sudden tears that are stinging her eyes and sees the very last person she would have ever imagined sitting there.

"Mick?" she asks, her voice rough.

"How ya doin', Skirt?" He lifts his own drink in a salute towards her and then tosses it down the hatch like it's no big deal.

(So, it's not just in the movies.)

"What are you doing here?" she asks, moving down the bar to sit next to him. "Shouldn't you be--" and she lowers her voice to a whisper, "--in 1950 or something?"

"We're taking a breather," he says with a shrug, motioning to the bartender. When the bartender fills his glass again, Mick says, "Leave the bottle."

Kara feels her eyes widen. He's a big guy and she supposes he can hold his liquor, even if the Earth's sun doesn't regenerate his cells quickly to prevent hangovers, but the bottle is more than half full. She reaches out to him, placing her hand over his. "Is everything all right?" she asks.

When she'd met Mick and the other Legends (and Team Arrow, and Barry's friend Cisco), he'd been more than a little gruff and rude with her, but ultimately he had proved to be all bark and no bite. She still sometimes pulls out the memory of his strange request for her to call him only to dismiss what that sort of thing would mean on her Earth. Mick was older, somewhat grumpy, but still attractive. Kara just didn't really think he could have meant it; he must have been teasing her.

His skin is warm under her palm, however, and when his eyes fasten on hers, she mistakes his grin for a grimace. "Whaddaya mean, is everything all right?"

She glances at the bottle of alcohol. "It just seems like you'd only drink all of that if you were upset."

His grin gets broader and she realizes it is simply a grin, nothing else. "Honey, this is for the both of us. You need to learn to drink like the superhero you are." His eyes run over her features and then he reaches over and plucks her glasses from her nose. "First things first, lets get rid of the accessories you don't need." After he sets them down on the bar he leans over again, and pulls her ponytail down, removing her hair tie. "Give your head a good shake now," he instructs.

She does it, mostly because she can't believe this is happening. He gives her an encouraging head nod as her hair falls in waves down her back. Then he reaches over one more time and unfastens the top button of her blouse. "Yeah, much better," he rumbles. "You've got like a sexy secretary thing going on now."

When he fills her shot glass with another round, she finds that the burn is a bit more enjoyable the second time.

When Supergirl walks in, Mick is surprised, but also instantly thrilled, to see her.

(And by thrilled, he means his dick starts to perk up.)

He also, for the life of him, cannot remember her actual name.

She sits down with him and as he plies her with whiskey, she starts telling him all her troubles. Boy troubles, that is, back on her version of Earth.

Mick listens, mostly because her skin is soft and has this healthy glow, and her eyes are bright, but are slowly becoming unfocused as she drinks. They've settled down to beers now because three shots had her looking a little too woozy. He sure as hell didn't want to hold her pretty hair while she was puking. He had other plans for how to get his hands in her hair.

Because, Jesus, her fucking hair. It looked like gold silk, and the more she talked, the more he imagined it draped over his body, in various ways, because of various activities they could be enjoying together.

Her lips were also ridiculously distracting.

He'd had a thing for her when they'd worked together, but he hadn't really expected to see her again.

But of all the bars, in all the worlds, she'd walked into his. Well, not his, but he had been shutting this place down for three days straight, since the Professor had felt he had to come home and spend more time with his Aberration Daughter before they fixed that particular problem. So, for all intents and purposes, this was his bar. And if he had his way, for this night, she'd be his girl.

"Sounds like what you need is a man," he says, no subtlety needed. Not that Mick could be subtle, even if he'd wanted to be. But he doesn't. He wants Supergirl, and he wants her to know he wants her.

He doesn't want her so drunk she can't make a decision, either, which was why he'd switched them to beer and let her talk for the last hour without doing more than grunting his acknowledgements.

Her eyes get wide and she stops talking, staring at him. He can see the wheels turning, can see how she is understanding what he's throwing down, but that she's also uncertain. He can't tell if that's uncertainty about wanting him back, or uncertainty about his seriousness.

He's pretty fucking serious. He hasn't been with anyone in a long time, and lets be honest, he'd like to fuck a superhero. Vixen and Sara both had these Team Policies, as if sex would mess everything up, and while Mick couldn't care less about that, he had always respected the No Means No policy. He'd made his plays for both of them and got the rejection card, but he didn't take it personally.

Supergirl buries her face in her beer mug. "Um, hum," she mutters, giggling shakily. She tips the glass up and drains what's left.

"Look, Skirt, you came here for something, didn't you? Didn't think it'd be me, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? Just be grateful. Take me up on the offer. Don't think. What happens on other Earths, stays on other Earths."

He winks, and she giggles again, but this time there is less nervous school girl and more flattered woman.

She glances around, and he watches her chest rise and fall on a deep breath. When she turns her gaze back to him, it has the feel of a physical impact smacking him, and he remembers she has x-ray vision. He is now at full attention and hopes to God she is going to roll with this, otherwise, it's gonna be a miserable fucking night.

Her cheeks color as she asks, "Where would we go?"

He jumps off his stool, throws down some money, and grabs her arm. "Come with me."

...chapter two...

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