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May 17, 2016 21:13

Is anyone out there? I didn't intend to come here and post, possibly ever again, really.

But here I am, with a rant again THE MAN, TV EXECS, THE WAR ON WOMEN ON TELEVISION and spoilers. Spoilers for TVD, Arrow, Castle, NCIS, and OH, GUESS WHAT? PRISON BREAK IS COMING BACK!!!! *flails incoherently*

First things first:

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This trailer is awesome and ( Read more... )

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darlulu May 18 2016, 17:41:49 UTC
TVD: this season without Elena actually didn't suck as much as I thought it would and I'm surprised I even watched it, but I did.

I feel the same way. Since it looks like the next season is shaping up to be the last, I really hope TVD goes out with a bang.

Castle: They fired Stana Katic, THE FUCKING LEADING LADY OF THEIR SHOW. and the internet broke. So it got cancelled. So they half assed their SERIES FINALE, and it showed. But I don't even care because at least they didn't get to keep going without half the reason they were even on the air to begin with. *rolls eyes*I was actually praying it would be canceled because the thought of them killing off Beckett and continuing the show without her was just the worst. I still think the finale should've been better than it was though. The tagged on 5 seconds of parenthood bliss was super weak. Could they really think of nothing better to give us fans 'closure'? I don't know all that happened behind the scenes (I'm assuming things must've gotten pretty ugly between NF and SK), but I hate ( ... )


badboy_fangirl May 28 2016, 06:09:01 UTC
So, I didn't mean to FORGET that I even posted here...I'm so out of the habit of coming to LJ! Sorry for the late response.

Here's hoping TVD = OVER IN S8 with a bang (IE Damon and Elena reunited!) is the way it goes!

I wonder if we'll ever know the real story of what happened BTS with Castle, but I HATE the suits that run stuff like that who think they can just go on without the lead actress. Castle and TVD can't compare in numbers as Castle was always much bigger, but their cast consists of six people, four of them SUPPORTING CHARACTERS PERIOD. It was ludicrous that they ever thought they could go on without Stana.

I completely agree with you about the final episode. Like, WTF? They should have chucked that ending altogether. Nobody gets shot, but instead after this near death experience, Kate discovers she's pregnant and they decide to leave it all behind. I suppose after what went down, the most Stana would give them was that final scene that took three seconds of her time. *rolls eyes*


happywriter06 May 19 2016, 03:17:05 UTC
*jumping up and down* So Jay goes on youtube alot and was like, "Prison Break?" I was like, "The show or a real one." Then proceeds to show me. I can't even handle it. I'm so excited despite the fact that I hated S3 and didn't even watch S4 except for like one or 2 episodes. The other day I thought, I miss my PB friends. Then this.


badboy_fangirl May 28 2016, 06:11:01 UTC
I'm friends with most of the gals from the old days over on FB. Are you on FB, Simone?

I'm so excited. It looks so good, much better than S3 and 20x better than S4!


iwouldbegood May 20 2016, 07:57:09 UTC
Awww hi!! *tackle!hug* I didn't think I'd ever see you post here again. So glad to hear from you :)

I actually started watching Arrow. Mostly cause I was curious about Alex Kingston's role. I'm nearly done with S1 but I don't think I'll be continuing, I haven't really warmed up to it.

OMG Prison Break!! I haven't seen the majority of the last season, so maybe that'll motivate me to go through it. I definitely plan on watching the new season!


badboy_fangirl May 28 2016, 06:14:39 UTC
LEA....hello! I have wondered how you've been! And how many concerts you've attended since last we spoke...!

Arrow S1 and 2 are GREAT, IMHO. I was never impressed with Alex's performance on this show but I loved her on ER, so I've decided that it was poor direction and writing for her character. Which is too bad, but I'd say she was the weak link for me in the episodes she appears in.

Just remember to NEVER watch The Final Break. On Netflix in the US, they insert it into S4 like it was part of it when it was NOT. So don't watch it!


iwouldbegood May 29 2016, 09:36:46 UTC
I've been doing really good :) How are you? Gosh I miss you all, LJ is pretty much dead...

Yeah, I really did not enjoy Alex' character on Arrow. I agree that it must be due to poor direction and writing cause she recently had a relatively big role on Doctor Who and I loved her there...

I?ll remember what you said about Prison Break. I hope the new season doesn't disappoint!


badboy_fangirl June 1 2016, 04:36:42 UTC
I too have been very good. Life is beautiful. And good PB to look forward to just makes it that much better :D


...coming out from beneath our rocks... anonymous May 31 2016, 07:51:18 UTC


Re: ...coming out from beneath our rocks... badboy_fangirl June 1 2016, 04:45:50 UTC
Amanda! Hello, blast from the past! So good to hear from you!

You are thinking of "Awakening" which was my first Linc/Sara fic...and I had not yet started posting on LJ when I wrote that, and I never posted at The Pit, so when pbfic.net went down, the story went with it. I have a hard copy, but not a digital copy (ugh, I don't know if I ever saved any stuff back then). So...yeah. I doubt it will ever be on the interwebs again, because I doubt I'd ever get time to type it up again.

And just so you know, you remember it completely correctly, which is AMAZING to me. I went and found my hard copy earlier just to refresh MY memory, and it's all there, all your details.

S4 is still the WORST, but I'm her for S5 redeeming all that crap. Very, very excited!

PS, I might be able to scan you a copy of it? It would take some time, too, but not as long as retyping it. I should at least offer, since you remembered it so well!


RE: Re: ...coming out from beneath our rocks... anonymous June 2 2016, 04:30:34 UTC
YES!!!! AWAKENING!! That's the one!! I think I remember it so well because it was the first time I'd read anything non-MS and was suddenly IN LOVE with the idea of LS. It makes me so said it's gone from the digital world.😣 So here's a counter-offer for you...if you scan & send, I'll make a valiant attempt at typing it up? We could try it in batches? I type pretty darn quickly, and it actually becomes quite zen-like for me. 😌 That said, if it's hand-written, I make no promises at a 100% accurate deciphering, depending on your penmanship. 😆 Thoughts?


Re: ...coming out from beneath our rocks... badboy_fangirl June 2 2016, 06:19:30 UTC
Oh, lawd, no, it's a type-written copy--it's actually the print out from pbfic. I had a weird thing about printing them out back then, but luckily I three-hole punched them all and stored them.

There are probably typos that I meant to go back and fix and never did. But if you are willing to type it, that would be awesome. I did start thinking about how I should post all my PB fic over at AO3, but there is so much that was lost. Including my Linc/Vee series. It's all so overwhelming when I think about it. I wrote SO MUCH about those boys and their loves.

Anyway. I'll take the story with me to work tomorrow and start scanning it. Where should I email it? I still use my email domfangirl@yahoo


This is a fun walk down memory lane!


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