Джимми Симпсон о мире и Трампе

Nov 04, 2016 03:32

Hi, friends. This is the companion to my most important post of the year.

I spoke before about empathy and how this quality alone has guided our species to move beyond the limitations of the individual animal or clan. Steady growth of the human population is our natural flow on this planet. War is not even close to our nature… it’s a tragic side-effect of growth and limited resources and has historically been the decision of one myopic man with an inability to compromise or share.

Kings have made dire, selfish decisions for us through history. The one controlling so many. Abuse of power. This is why dystopian films like 1984 and Blade Runner resonate and why they seem so frighteningly plausible- we’ve been there. Therefor it’s possible. And of course when our leaders run out of resources, they’ll need to profit off us.

Trump’s made himself a ‘success’ not by creating things of value, but by using his birth status to manipulate rental agreements to pull more of the living wage from hardworking american’s pockets so he could live like a king. Then he built failing casinos and worked on “the art of the deal”, which to him is: wield your substantial power over another entity so they lose and you get it all. This may be effective in monopolized real estate but it’s devastating in global politics.

If it’s all about the USA for you, I get that. I love our country. I’m lucky to have been born here. Yes, taxes are always a grind. Hurts to see that difference in the two numbers. But. They feel right to me. Looking up at the streetlights. Seeing kids walk out of school. Knowing my grandma got her social security to live on. Knowing there’s an army making sure a crazy dictator doesn’t shoot missiles. Knowing there’s a huge and varied team of elected, diplomatic folks trying to keep us safe and happy.
I pay taxes because I want the USA to succeed as well as myself.

I love you all. I didn’t get my candidate either. But let’s take a deep breath. Keep this country in a place where we still can move it forward. Please vote. Please vote for Hillary Clinton. Trump is the death gasp of privilege… let it die. There’ll be more for all of us.

Thanks for your time.

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