[Fic] And This, Too - Peter Pan

Oct 03, 2012 09:29

Title: And This, Too
Pairings: Peter/Wendy (Movie!Verse)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 297

No one told stories like she did.

They were beautiful. Fascinating. When she told stories, everything changed. Her sky-blue eyes twinkled, her lips moved with sudden fervor, she glowed. And somewhere, hovering about the corners of her mouth, was a secret, hidden kiss. She never gave it to anyone. Not her husband, not her children, not her family. It was as if she was saving it for someone special.

He had a feeling that he wasn't a child anymore, that he hadn't been for a long time. He felt alone, empty, adult. Even with his new recruits, it was too late.

"I'll grow up one day," he whispered. "Honest. I swear I will."

She stood there, watching, smiling a sweet, sad smile. "I know."

He turned to leave, with a heaviness in his heart that he couldn't explain. His hand was poised on the windowsill, and as he made to take flight, she spoke again.

"You know," she said softly, "you'll never be a man, even if you do grow up."

He turned around, wearing the same boyish grin she had known for so long. "And you'll never be a woman. Even now, you're still a girl."

She wiped her cheeks. "How silly of me."

"Goodbye, Wendy," he said.

"Goodbye, Peter."

Eventually, Neverland withers and dies.

Forever comes to a screeching halt.

i fucking love this movie. bye.

peter pan: peter/wendy, *fandom: peter pan, #rating: pg, !fic

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