So I Turned 21. That Actually Happened.

Jan 26, 2014 20:32

Woaaahhhhh 2013 came and went. I'm currently back on campus, Spring 2014 semester has just begun. I'm OFFICALLY a junior now. Also, just had my bday, my 21st. No, that wasn't a typo. I'm 21! TWENTY-ONE! Where did the time go? I'm getting old. Like, I can physically feel the grey hairs growing out of my head at this very moment.

I can still remember being a ginourmous ball of nerves that early August morning. I was such a wreck. I was so worried about fitting in, making friends, appearances. Boy have I grown. I still have my insecure moments, but I feel that I have matured immensely.

Now that the new school year has kicked into high gear I am busy, busy, busy. School work galore. Although, now that I am finally in classes that are associated with my major, I am actually enjoying my classes. This semester should be fun.
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