Long Time, No Speak

Oct 27, 2013 02:11

I don't know. Had a crappy day, that capped an otherwise decent week. BUT I have finally taken some type of initiative in my life. I filled out several applications; one for a job on campus and another for a potential job at a summer camp next year. Have been constantly checking for updates, but alas have gotten none yet. This make it my second and third job application that I have ever filled out in my 20 year existence. Don't know whether that's a good or bad thing. But whatever, I am trying.

The big news is is that I finally declared my major. Heck to the yeah. Journalism it is. I have always wanted to work in entertainment journalism since I was a tiny tot. Love writing. Love celebrity gossip. So this went hand in hand. However, I have to find some way to get the frick out of my Grammar and Style class before I can start taking my "major" classes. This class is kicking my tush so badly that I can't even see straight. I originally thought I was a pretty good writer until I stepped foot in there. OMG. My grade is currently hanging on with a C. Need to keep that if I want to get out of there. Crossing all my fingers and toes. Class sign up for next semester is coming up on Wednesday. Excited for that. I am liking the mock schedule that I created. Hopefully I can get all of the classes that I need.

Soooooo, wishing myself luck.


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