Tumblr Has No Taste Gifspam

Sep 02, 2013 10:32

As suggested by rosaxx50, I'm presenting a Tumblr Has No Taste Gifspam -- my gifsets I'm really fond of, but they didn't get much attention on tumblr.

Beware, TVD. Also, there's quite a lot of stuff here, because apparently I'm fond of a lot of my stuff. Not very proud of the visuals, VERY proud of the scene/quote choices.

Nothing here but pictures )

fandom: the vampire diaries, dear lord i make graphics

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ever_neutral September 3 2013, 08:54:01 UTC
All of the subversive Elena/Damon sets soothe my empty soul, peace 'n' blessings.


rosaxx50 September 4 2013, 04:14:43 UTC
Woah it is always interesting to see everyone's different GIF-making styles. The text choices, where they go, colours, arrangements, etc. And eeek, your scene choices! Even the ones where I'm guessing context!

The worst day of loving someone/is the day you lose them. Ouch. Harsh. And true. I love you picking such a painful scene on both sides for the second part. How gloriously subversive a scene choice.

Because I couldn't stop for Death/He kindly stopped for me. WHERE IS THIS QUOTE FROM? How have I never heard it before in all its accuracy? Ouch ouch ouch.

I think with the Elena/Katherine and Elena/Jeremy ones, they might well be unappreciated because the text is quite hard to make out. One of your earlier attempts?

Aww, HP, my childhood ♥


happyg_rl September 4 2013, 04:36:53 UTC
OMG gorgeous!!! I loved all of them and I'm sorry tumblr was unappreciative. (It does that sometimes).


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