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Dec 09, 2012 21:22

1. I will be (partially) failing at the December Meme after all :(. A few more stories will appear on scheduled days, but certainly not everything. I'm simply out of steam when it comes to those tiny one-shots. I keep having ideas that need way more than 100 (or even 500) words to be played out, school is demanding my attention, and recent episodes ( Read more... )

tvd fandom is the worst, prawdziwe życie, i fail at fandom, jestem grafomanem

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vergoldung December 9 2012, 22:27:46 UTC
1. I want to cuddle you. You're so nice, writing awesome stories for everybody and who cares if they get there on time? They are your presents to give and you are queen. /basically

2. Well, do you already have an idea/concept/dynamic/whatever that you'd like to explore bad enough for it to hold your attention span through many many words? I mean, if you had a project that fascinated long-term you might just end up writing a novel without noticing it.

4. Oh yay dress-time \o/ I really hope you get to wear it ♥


upupa_epops December 9 2012, 23:00:48 UTC
1. Awww, you. I just feel bad, taking so many prompts and not being able to fill them for such a long time :(. It was all fine when I was writing in those two weeks between TVD 4x06 and 4x07, but once 4x07 aired, my brain got sucked in the new stuff (most of which is simply too creepy for gifts), and school didn't help :(.

2. I think I do? But I've felt like that before, with other ideas, and they all came to nothing, I ran out of steam after 10-15k words.

4. <33333333


vergoldung December 9 2012, 23:28:57 UTC
2. Can you spin it into plot? (I'm curious forever, but if you don't want to talk about this right now, just say.)


upupa_epops December 10 2012, 00:25:48 UTC
It's basically a s4 AU. In which we don't know whose blood turned Elena. AKA sequels to my damned big bang. I'll gladly talk about it in detail, just not right now, because I'm desperately trying to get a meta finished before I go to bed :).


magisterequitum December 10 2012, 00:20:48 UTC
What specifically post 4.07 are you talking about? I've got two fic ideas burning for them to write once I get done.

Ahh! I hope you have a nice Christmas and the dress fits wonderfully!


upupa_epops December 10 2012, 00:24:13 UTC
Nothing specific, really? I just want good character work. Stories that focus on the characters more than they focus on the romantic conclusion. The fic idea we were talking about on tumblr definitely fits \o/. What's the other idea, if I may ask?

Thank you! :)


magisterequitum December 10 2012, 00:32:44 UTC
That one we talked about on Tumblr. And then the one I think I've mentioned that's about things Elena knows about Damon but is disjointed and kind of tells a story plot wise as it goes through the disjointed pieces.


upupa_epops December 10 2012, 01:12:03 UTC
Oooh, I remember the disjointed story idea! I wasn't aware it was a post-4x07 idea :).

Basically, both your ideas look like something that will make me write comments after which random strangers defend you ;). WANT!


eilowyn December 10 2012, 00:24:37 UTC
1. Don't worry about the December Meme of Doom! School comes first, and we'll be happy with whatever we get whenever we get it!

2. My longest fic was 4,000 words, so I do not understand this feeling. It does not compute (but I have had the desire to make a big shiny graphic instead of doing homework, so I can relate1!!)

3. Wait for the hiatus. Post 4x07 fic will abound while we languish waiting for more TVD. Heck, I might even end up writing!

4. YAY DRESS! There is no better feeling than fitting into something you haven't been able to wear in years! Have fun going home for the holidays!


upupa_epops December 10 2012, 01:15:26 UTC
1. Thank you ! :)

2. My longest complete piece is 14k words, and it was a real challenge for me. NOW I WANT MORE.

3. I hope you're right, because right now, the silence is strange.

4. <33333


swirlsofblue December 10 2012, 08:52:29 UTC
1. That's cool, you've been so awesome writing all this fic, if anyone doesn't understand they're just stupid-heads :).

2. Oooh, good luck if you do write it.

3. Maybe people are nervous about getting it right with the sire bond and all. I'm writing a Damon/Charlotte fic because apparently I ship them now, I do like the twisted ships, that might end up with a lot of Damon/Elena.

4. Yay


upupa_epops December 10 2012, 10:26:15 UTC
1. Thank you :).

2. <333333

3. Trust me, for a big part of D/E fandom, the main problem with the sire bond is that now Elena is going to have to prove to Damon that she loves him the mostest. Not that many people are concerned with consent issues.

Damon/Charlotte sounds fascinating, yes! It's like Damon/Andie for me: something I'd be afraid to write, because I'm not sure if I can do it right, but I'd definitely read it from a smart writer. Can't wait for your story!


swirlsofblue December 10 2012, 12:48:08 UTC
3. I think you're probably right but that is mainly because of the way it's being written and framed.



(The comment has been removed)

upupa_epops December 10 2012, 14:59:23 UTC
The long!fic idea is basically an AU story set post-s3. In which Elena, Bonnie and Damon attempt to take out the Originals without killing them.

Hmmm, you might want to check out badboy-fangirl's stories? I wrote an Elena-centric ficlet myself, but I'm thinking about doing a Damon-centric piece as well, because I can't get him off my mind.

Thank you!


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