Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon

Sep 30, 2012 19:22

I was supposed to start it in a few hours, but everything is ready, and I probably should go to bed early anyway, so why wait? Let's have it!

S4 of The Vampire Diaries starts in less than two weeks, and I say it calls for some creative celebration. So let's write some fic while we're waiting!

Part 2

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1. Anything involving Elena Gilbert is fair game. Any rating, any ship, friendship, no ship. Whatever you see fit. You can also request graphics and vids, as far as I'm concerned :). Go wild. You know you want to.
2. Prompt as much as you wish, but make a separate comment for reach prompt. Don't be shy! We really want ALL THE PROMPTS.
3. When you fill a prompt, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, prompt).
4. There will be spoilers for all aired episodes.
5. Feedback is much appreciated.
6. Have fun!

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An Elena Gilbert comment!ficathon
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Alternative banners can be found here. You're also welcome to make your own if you wish!

elena gilbert comment!ficathon

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