This meme is just an excuse to do some Wesley flailing

Nov 27, 2011 13:37

This post contains A Song of Ice and Fire books spoilers.

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

So, ever-neutral gave me:

01. non-functional Damon/Elena

I AM GOING TO BE BRIEF ABOUT IT. Mostly because I'm in the middle of writing a D/E meta. Besides, a brief look at my journal should be enough for you to tell that lately I've became this crazy shipper person.

This ship is my current obsession, mostly because it just begs for future!fics in which both Damon and Elena are gloriously fucked up. So I love Damon/Elena as a ship that is based on very casual, mundane disappointments, on disillusionment and on a weird yet real friendship. I indulge in Damon's inclinations towards drama and in Elena's worst tendencies. Those two can be truly romantic, and they can do it in the most creepy way.

02. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce!

I need Wesley like I need oxygen ;). What I love about him the most is the LOGIC with which he was written: he is this character who seems to have changed every aspect of himself, but in fact he didn't. Even the dark, broken Wesley who helps Illyria still has some traces of the old, silly, know-it-all Wesley. He can make the hardest choices without blinking, and it doesn't matter if it is handing Faith to the Council, stealing Connor or destroying Vail's memory spell. Wesley always makes the hard choice. He doesn't hesitate, he doesn't wait for someone to decide for him, he just does it, and then he bears the consequences.

Wesley is tragic, but he is also a bit pathetic, he would make a fool of himself or help Illyria just because she looks like Fred. He speaks dozens of languages, and yet he still can't express himself. He had his throat cut, and his friends abandoned him, and then he had this memory taken away from him. He fell in love with Fred, because she was this sweet, innocent person he would've loved before he was broken, than he discovered some dark things about her and he fell in love with who she really was, then it was taken away form him, and Wesley fell in love with the Ideal Fred again. He lost her before he rediscovered the truth, and now (I live in the AU world in which Wesley is alive, and I have to think very hard to remember that it is actually le-mru's fic, not canon) he is left with the blue King-God who doesn't know a thing about humans. And Wesley makes himself a tool, he uses his most private experiences in order to teach Illyria about the world.

He was Faith's worst Watcher. He was her best Watcher. He will never forgive her, but it's ok, because she should never forgive him either. Faith was the one who started making Wesley who he is right now. Lilah really knew him, and it was the worst thing about her. Wesley has wretched luck when it comes to women. Wesley has the best luck when it comes to women. Wesley is the smartest guy I've ever seen. Wesley doesn't know how the fuck could he function now.

Besides... All the books, swords, smart speeches, variety of shirts, ultimate pain - WESLEY, HOW SO HOT??? I seem to recall a post in which we were already considering this problem.

03. Jon/Robb

YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW! Ok, that's painfully off-topic, but I had to ;).

I actually don't ship it very hard. But I blame mlekopijca for the fact that I ship it at all (well, most of my slash pairings started from the fact that she was nagging me...). Jon wanted to run away from the Wall just to be with his brother. Robb stood up to his mother to make his brother his heir. Jon should be the king, and Robb should be his Warden of the North. Martin did it wrong, and someone should fix this mistake RIGH NOW!

04. fic-writing

I'm a compulsive fic writer. I've been doing it for over six years now (how did it happen? o_O), and it grew to be a form of self-expression for me. It's more than just fun, I actually get all "artistic" about writing, feelings exposed and so on. Well, ok, not always. Sometimes. And sometimes it's just fun. But I can't imagine myself not writing. I can have breaks, sometimes long breaks, but I come back eventually. I get enthusiastic about writing. I get emotional about writing. I get geeky about writing. I want to try new things and be challenged. I talk about writing. As I've said - compulsive writer :).

05. teaching

Yes, I do it ;). I've been giving private lessons for over five years now. I mostly teach English, occasionally History (that's because far more people want to learn English). I mostly teach young children, like, 10-12 years old, but my History students all were in their final year of high school :). I have many funny/scary stories starting with "Yesterday my student told me...", but I'm not telling any of them in an unlocked post ;).

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