They start early, apparently.

Feb 23, 2010 21:24

lor’s chie fanart (persona 4), originally uploaded by Luana Arrrr.
The piece I bring to you today is by an up-and-coming artist. Her name is Lorelei, she’s eight, and she’s obsessed with Persona 4.

She likes to look at (mother-approved) fanart, watches the cutscenes on YouTube whenever she can, and listens to the OST on her DSi. She can’t stop talking about hiimdaisy’s Persona comics and has ads and reviews cut out from magazines stuck on her bedroom wall. She wanted to be Chie for Halloween last year, and while that didn’t work out, she still bugs my mom about making her a Chie-style jacket.

I mean, she even wants to make a gaming ‘zine with me and write about P4, but is worried that nobody will want to read it. I told her that if she were serious, I’m sure that there would be quite a few people interested.

Lor’s a bit weird, I’ll admit.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she busted this rough sketch out the other day. While it’s nowhere near her best quality of work (she makes books and draws constantly), I just can’t get over it - I mean, it’s Chie! Drooling over steak at the Junes food court! You can’t get any cooler than that!

Maybe I’m weird too, but this is way better than being the (token) Student of the Month (which she actually is but doesn’t know it yet).

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