Fic: Two Days, Holmes/Watson, R to NC17

Apr 28, 2011 16:30

Two Days

Author: tweedisgood

Verse: Book canon

Pairing: Holmes/Watson

Rating: R to NC17 (eventually)

Warning: Victorian attitudes to homosexuality

Summary: Sherlock Holmes is arrested before he gets the change to commit that particular crime. He has thought about it, though.

Word count: ~ 6,500 ( Read more... )

sherlock holmes, fic

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claralamora April 28 2011, 17:09:06 UTC
Thank god for valued extras.


tweedisgood April 28 2011, 17:22:51 UTC
Amen. That and a golden friendship.


karadin April 28 2011, 17:10:56 UTC
Beautifully done, no one can write canon fic like you.


tweedisgood April 28 2011, 17:23:19 UTC
Thank you so much, glad you liked.

And may I fangirl you all-too-briefly (bearing in mind the very high quality) back for your beautiful, beautiful artwork.


karadin April 28 2011, 21:34:53 UTC
Oh thank you! I'd like to illustrate something for you sometime :D for all the enjoyment you've given me.


tweedisgood April 29 2011, 07:12:36 UTC
Wow. Seriously? What an offer. Thank you!

*PMing you - idea occurs*


love_bug_54 April 28 2011, 17:31:54 UTC
My God, this is utterly brilliant.

I love your 'Holmes voice'. I also love how you show that in detection Holmes is superior, but in expressing affections of the heart, Watson is clearly the master.

"Valued extras," indeed. :-)


tweedisgood April 28 2011, 20:07:39 UTC
Thank you. I think Watson has his own, complementary talents in finding out. If you get my drift :-o


autumnatmidnite April 28 2011, 19:54:20 UTC
I know it now: we two already fit so perfectly that no-one could know our secret only by looking for we were already one

Oh, god. I don't even have the words to properly tell you how gorgeous that line was, or this entire fic is. This was written so beautifully, that when I came to the end of it, I think my heart stuttered.

Also - I have to say you weave in the case aspect so well in these literary forays of yours, and while I've probably said it before it bears saying again... I am in awe of your talent and how flawless your Holmes voice is. This was absolutely lovely in every way <3


tweedisgood April 28 2011, 20:12:28 UTC
Thank you so much! I was beginning to think this story would never be finished. Three cheers for encouraging ljers and adapted IT peripherals...

I love writing Holmes voice, even as purgatorial as it can be to get it down the way I hear it in my head :-)


lllazlllong April 28 2011, 20:06:37 UTC
Fantastic language. Precise and sharp.
I do enjoy immensely your premise "no-one could know our secret only by looking for we were already one".


tweedisgood April 28 2011, 20:14:54 UTC
Thank you. The English language, and its immense expressive scope, is one of my abiding passions and it is so gratifying when people notice.

The friendship comes first for me, always. Anything on top is, well...a valued extra.


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