December Photo Meme

Dec 16, 2019 12:53

I'm a few days behind on the December Photo Meme because my SIL came down for a few days. When she is here I don't do much online stuff because we are too busy binging on Mrs. Maisel, drinking wine, cooking, and shopping. So, I have a few days of the meme to catch up on.

Day 12 - A Beautiful Sight - My new washing machine. My old machine needed 2 turns on the spin cycle before you could even think about putting it in the dryer. I've been a happy camper since this arrived last week.

Day 13 - Family - This picture is from the Lantern Festival. My oldest granddaughter is laying on the ground, so she can see the lights "better."

Day 14 - Christmas Tree - This is hubby's NY Mets tree, he keeps in our bedroom. *rolls eyes*

Day 15 - Favorite Holiday Song - All I Want for Christmas is You. This is the carpool karaoke version.
Day 16 - Outside Lights - My neighborhood doesn't go crazy with outdoor light, so again, I did a cheat and googled it.

The full month is here.


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