Dec 21, 2020 12:43

Below find several banners made for seasonal_spuffy and two other banners made for specific fics.

This banner was made for Miss Luci's Secret Santa fic

This banner was made for slaymesoftly's seasonal spffy fic

This banner is made for the seasonal_spuffy kink meme the first prompt...
Instead of Angel being the one to interrupt the fight with Caleb, it's Spike. by Anonymous


This fic banner was made seasonal_spuffy's winter solstice.


This wallpaper and fic banner was made for the prompt by justwriter2 Rapunzel Buffy


Fic banner


The base for the Rapunzel Buffy wallpaper is taken from
the Annie Leibowitz Disney shoot
This is the original picture.

wallpaper, banners

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