Okay, so shoot me

Dec 06, 2015 20:00

Okay, so it wasn't quite the last I ended up writing for the 3 sentence ficathon. So I may have got a bit carried away, so shoot me.

By the way, apologies if I missed any fills. For some weird reason my notifications have been a bit hit and miss on that post so I'm trying to go back and make up for anything I missed. If any of you have been posting there, I'd check that out myself. If you haven't been, just ignore my annoying ramble.

Anyway, here are my next few fills:

For pasted, TVD, Damon/Elena, reunited

Damon runs up to Elena, takes her into his arms, kisses her.

It takes him a moment to realise why she’s not smiling, and it’s because she has realised that for her to be awake and here with Damon, Bonnie has to be gone.

Elena looks at him for one moment, sees no trace of guilt in his eyes, realises he hasn’t done anything to Bonnie to bring her back, then finally relaxes, knowing they can finally be together.

For et_tu_lj, Orphan Black, any clone, legacy

Sarah looks at Kira, and remembers the shock she had felt the first time she had known she was expecting her, believing that a child could never fit in with her lifestyle.

Now that she has met Alison and the others, found out that she was supposed to be barren just as the other clones were save herself and Helena, she can’t understand why she ever thought this.

“Kira is my legacy”, she tells Helena, knowing that the child Helena carries will be her legacy too.

For celeste9, Merlin, Leon/Gwen, the past

Leon had watched Gwen from afar back in the day, knowing that her heart would always belong to Arthur, even despite what had happened with Lancelot, and she would never be his.

He’s now the only person she can talk to about the past - well, Percival is still around, but as Leon was around longer, he’s the one with more memories to share about those who had gone before them.

Arthur and Lancelot are gone now, but Leon knows Gwen will still never be his.

For samparker, Being Human, George/Mitchell, the night Mitchell saved George

George had asked Mitchell at one low point why he had saved him, why he hadn’t just let his vampire friends continue attacking him.

Mitchell said he’d never regretted it, the vampires were a bunch of dickheads, whereas even then he’d known George could be someone special to him, and over time he’d been proved right.

George remembered this as he staked Mitchell, doing it because he loved him, saving him from himself.

For killing_kurare, Bellatrix/Rodolphus, beneath me

Bellatrix insisted on separate beds on their wedding night.

“You are beneath me, I may have been bound to you by my parents, but the only man I truly love is the Dark Lord.”

Yet Voldemort was determined that he must live his life alone, desiring conquest of the wizarding world more than he ever desired a wife, so Bellatrix must remain in this marriage.

For shipperchan_dna, ASOIAF, aime/Brienne, modern day AU or any kind of AU where they can't stand each other but are always paired up to work.

If it wasn’t for her strong admiration for Captain Catelyn Stark, Brienne fumed, she would never have put up with this. But she had to keep up this charade, to pretend she was happy being paired up with Detective Jaime Lannister, for the sake of the investigation to prove that Captain Cersei Baratheon’s squad was corrupt.

But the more she got to know Jaime, the more Brienne realised he shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush as them, that he was possibly the only one on the squad with good intentions.

For silvr_dagger, any fandom, any characters, salvage

As they study the waste that has been laid to Panem, Plutarch and Paylor wonder what can be salvaged from the mess President Snow had created.

They will wipe out the sins of their ancestors, there will be no more Games, they will build a new Panem that brings out the best in its citizens, working together.

Maybe it is best not to salvage old Panem, but to rebuild from the ashes instead.

For eternal_moonie, Hook/Pan, anything goes

Smee had questioned Hook about why exactly he was with Pan, when as far as he was concerned, Pan was just an irritating kid.

“You don’t know him like I do, Smee, you don’t see what I see,” Hook had replied. “Besides, we’re in bloody Neverland, nothing matters here, anything goes.”

For killing_kurare, ASOIAF, Sansa/Theon, from afar

She was Ned’s daughter, Robb’s sister, effectively off limits to Theon.

Yet she was not his sister, which meant that the whole time Theon had grown up at Winterfell, he had been aware that other possibilities existed.

He watched from afar as Sansa was betrothed first to Joffrey, then to Ramsay, wondering if she would ever be his.

I may go back for more, but I'm really conscious of how bad my fic list is so I should maybe go back to that.

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