Jun 03, 2020 20:48

Guess having something to do doesn't *guarantee* I'll post. Sheesh!

To be fair, though....

Tuesday morning I got up and went to get some juice/breakfast. And needed to wash a couple dishes. And my fucking kitchen sink WOULD NOT DRAIN. Cue me getting everything out from under it, putting two basins under there and then trying to plunge it with a plunger. Nothing but vile water and viler 'bits' coming up.

Then i run the garbage disposal and it all drains out and...backs up into the second/other sink (a divided sink). Fucking reeks. So I undo all the pipes (water in the basins, yay, thinking ahead!), and no clogs, so it must be the GD or the pipe out. I can't get the GD off, so i do my dishes in the guest-bath tub and go about my day, annoyed.

Monstrous Bebe's BF comes over later and gets the GD off, and it's not that. SO! Today, we get some new pipes and some hella scary (sulfuric acid) drain cleaner, and the BF gets it all put back together, new drain-thing in the right-hand sink since there is no longer a disposal, and YAYAYYAYAYAY!! It all works! :D

All for the price of a Mango Creme Slushie.

Onto the meme!!

HA! Um. Okay - Spike, and Eliot from Leverage. :D 1 - pretty. 2 - entertaining. 3 - Eliot can cook. 4 - Spike doesn't need food, so economical (we won't talk about the chip).

I think they would gripe and poke and whine and natter, and THEN - Spike would start taking about this or that, and Eliot would start talking about how things are 'very distinctive', and they would just have a dandy time! And, also, see 1 & 2.

Eliot would probably break first mostly because Spike *can* be awfully annoying. BUT FUN. :D

OOoooh. Well - in books, it was Mowgli. And on TV, it was Lucan (played by Kevin Brophy).
What do they have in common? Both were 'raised by wolves'. :D

I seriously swooned over the 'lost boy/savage boy' thing, and daydreamed all kinds of 'if I met them' scenarios.... Plus, Lucan was *hot*.

Also - simultaneously, probably - Starbuck from the original BSG (Dirk Benedict), and Scotty from Star Trek (James Doohan), and Linda Carter/Wonder Woman, and Jamie Summers/Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), and Maya/Catherine Schell (Space 1999), and pretty much the entire main cast of Franco Zeffirelli's 'Romeo and Juliet'. Tybalt, Mercutio, Benvolio, the lovers....OMG! :D Originally entered at https://tabaqui.dreamwidth.org/218449.html - comment where you please!

lockdown meme

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