It's June 1st!

Jun 01, 2020 11:54

How in the hell did that happen? I swear, this year has lurched and zoomed and twirled along in the weirdest way.....
So, my June Something question the first:

What's a new fandom that you've fallen into since the last June Something/in the last year?

HUH. A memory challenge! Heee.
Well, this is embarrassing. Sort of. I don't think i have? I mean - I've watched a lot of new tv shows/movies, but I have not ventured into fandom/fic for anything 'new' in a while. So many good shows that I simply have *no* interest in reading fic about.

I think, maybe, the newest one would be Umbrella Academy? I do remember reading some fun stories in that 'verse. No shipping, mostly it was family stuff, kind of fix-it or AU stuff where the world didn't end, heh. A lot of Five and Vanya being buddies, Klaus getting some love, kind of thing.

Which now makes me really really look forward to the new season! Which won't be out until, what, end of July?!!!

Anyway - I do believe that will have to be my answer. Anyone have a rec for something they think I might enjoy, feel free! Everyone could use more recs in their life.

Happy June! Originally entered at - comment where you please!

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