Nov 19, 2008 22:44

Title: Forever
Rating: PG
Summary: They both knew that only he could give her forever. The only question was: Would he?
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer; Heroes is not owned by me, but by Tim Kring. I’m simply borrowing these characters for non-profit entertainment.
Word Count: 424

“I need you. I’ve always needed you,” she breathed as she looked up at the imposing man mere inches from her.

She didn’t know how this happened. Or why she felt such a need for him. But there he was, just moments from walking out of her life again for who knew how long and she couldn’t let him go without him knowing how she really felt.

Too many years of screaming that she hated him, that she wished she could die just to escape him. After all those years of not wanting him anywhere near her, now here she was begging him to never leave her again.

“Do you know what this will mean?” he asked as he looked deeply into her green orbs, searching for any sign of uncertainty. This wasn’t the time for her to be having doubts and if she had even a single one he knew that he couldn’t go through with this.

“Yes. I just know that I can’t be without you again.”

“Your family -”

“I can’t go back to them. At least you were honest with me even when you wanted nothing more than to torture me.”

“You’re asking for more than you know, Claire.” His voice was low, bordering on dangerous. He wanted her to have at least an idea of what this would mean for them both. But she wasn’t backing down.

“Who better to choose forever with than the one person who could honestly give me that? Do you really think it’s coincidence that we keep finding ourselves together? That nearly every path we take leads us back to one another sooner or later?”

Sylar was torn. He could take her from nearly all she had known, prove to her that he could become what she had always dreamt of. Or he could walk away, leave her again and go on with his life such as it was. After all the latter had been going so well for him thus far.

In the end he did the only thing he could do.

It was the next morning that he knew for certain that he had made the right choice.

The quiet calm of the room, the warmth of the soft bed and finally the blessed sight of the sleeping blonde with her arm draped almost possessively over his middle and his chest pillowing her head.

Sylar knew he was no angel. And he had heard Claire deny her own qualifications on more than one occasion. But it was then he realized they weren’t monsters either. It wasn’t possible that monsters could be granted a heaven such as this.

The End


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