Fun and Suds

Nov 07, 2008 23:20

Title: Fun and Suds
Rating: R
Summary: Rub-a-dub, Sylar's joining Claire in the tub.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer; Heroes is not owned by me, but by Tim Kring. I’m simply borrowing these characters for non-profit entertainment.
Word Count: 1640
A/N: Three of my favorite words in fan fiction apply here: Established Relationship Universe. Special thanks to Cheryl Roberts for giving me the idea for this.


“Who’s there?” Claire called out when she heard what sounded like movement in her bedroom.

She had only been in the shower for a few minutes but last she knew she was home alone.

“Mom?” she called next. “Dad? Lyle?”

Still no reply but as she listened harder she could hear her bathroom door opening slowly.

Her curiosity was outweighing her fear, yet still she knew that any member of her family would have knocked first and even called out before coming in. As for Mr. Muggles, he wasn’t anywhere near tall enough to reach the door knob even if he had the vaguest concept of what one was.

Still straining to hear over the water she could hear the door being closed and whomever it was coming closer.

“Who is it?” she called out again, still no reply. She wasn’t sure what was keeping her from peering out from the curtain but still she stayed where she was.

It was only another few moments before she heard the curtain being pushed aside and someone stepping into the tub behind her.

At first she wasn’t sure whether to revel in the danger of it all when her parents could be back any moment or slap him for scaring her that time.

Feeling his lips coming down onto her neck and trailing down to her collarbone from behind kept her from doing either however. He all too easily knew her weakest points now.

“Sylar,” she groaned, her voice equal parts pleasure and irritation.

“Hello, Claire,” he smirked against her warm, wet skin as he switched to the other side of her neck.

“Do you know what my mother will do to you if she finds you in here with me?”

“Didn’t see her car in the driveway,” he replied, his smirk yet to fade as he brought his hands to her hips.

“Which explains why you’re here,” she sighed as she turned to face him.

“Well that and how long am I supposed to wait between getting to shower with you?”

“In my dad’s world? I’m betting on forever,” she almost laughed.

“And in yours?” His tone was serious, watching her as he waited for her answer.

Claire didn’t reply in words though. Instead she raised her arms around his neck and stretched herself to kiss him.

The tender exchange didn’t last long after she had glanced to her array of shampoos, conditioners, body washes and moisturizers. Lifting her lufa in one hand she finally said, “While you’re here how about you make yourself useful?”

He only laughed when he saw her smirk, but he knew she wasn’t completely kidding. “With which soap? You’ve got at least twenty here.”

Claire rolled her eyes and lifted a clear, plastic bottle. “They’re not all soaps.”

Tossing the lufa aside, he squeezed some of the blue liquid into his palm and worked up a quick lather before moving to her shoulders.

“You know, back at The Company we had one bar. That was it.”

“Sure hope you didn’t drop it,” she joked, having to strain almost to the point of agony to not laugh.

Sylar quickly, playfully, jabbed her in both sides of her ribcage for that, enjoying the cry of surprise he was rewarded with. Yet still she couldn’t hold back her nearly hysterical laughter anymore.

“I should spank you for that,” he growled into her ear, the warm breath causing her to shiver slightly.

“Promise?” she giggled.

That time Sylar sighed and continued with his task, basking in the warm spray of the shower each chance he got. He let her have her fun, knowing it was rare she was able to have much anymore. Even if this time it was at his expense.

“So what about you?” she finally asked after rinsing off her shoulders, arms and back, bringing her hands to his firm stomach.

“I think your front needs to be done,” he smiled with a soft sigh of appreciation at the sight of her nude form.

She laughed. “Since when do you need pretense to touch me?”

“Since you told me to make myself useful,” he answered as he brought his still slightly soapy hands to her breasts and gently squeezed.

She sighed out and canted her chest out slightly towards him.

Sylar let her enjoy it a little more, tweaking her hardening buds then before letting his hands trail down her sides.

“Now this is what I call making yourself useful,” the petite blond breathed as his fingers moved lower still until they brushed her clit and nether lips.

“Well I do aim to please,” he smirked. “You at least,” he added with his smirk becoming a half-smile.

Her body was awakening beneath his teasing caresses and watching her grow hungrier for his touch, her desires sure to soon render her almost feral.

“My parents will be back within the hour. Or at least Mom will be,” she finally told him, trying to shake herself from her blissful, increasingly aroused haze.

“An hour,” he commented, pretending to think it over. “Plenty of time,” he finally said before leaning down to kiss her again with a hand moving to the small of her back.

Through her soft laugh, she returned the heated kiss and pressed her body into his once more.

That time Sylar couldn’t repress a groan as he felt her hips twist against his. Once, twice, a third time. She wanted him to practically ravage her then and there. Luckily for her that was a wish he could easily fulfill.

He knew she more than enjoyed the effect she had on him. It wasn’t enough that they were sharing a hot shower for the first time in months, or that he had her slick, little body against his own, but now she was teasing him when he was already wondering just how much more he could take.

“Sure you want to go this fast?” he asked as he pulled back slightly.

“No. But since someone could be back any minute I don’t think we have a choice,” she answered with a slight pout.

He hated that she was right but nodded in agreement. Part of him wanted Noah to see them like this, to serve him right for all he had been made to listen to. He only snapped out of that mindset when Claire pressed her supple breasts further into his chest and once again ground against his hips.

With that he lifted her by the waist and almost too quickly spun them around, plastering her back to the tile wall.

Claire groaned in brief surprise but instinctively wrapped her legs around Sylar’s waist. An instant later his mouth once again moved to devour hers. She could feel him solid against her and she wanted nothing more in that instant than to feel him pulsing within her.

Lowering his hands again, he lifted her higher to further support her and more easily lining her up to him.

Claire sighed out and dug her shoulders into the tiles behind her, her lower half silently pleading for his attention once more.

With only another moment and slight shift of their weight, Sylar was fully sheathed within his lover’s tight, plush warmth.

They chorused in ecstatic sighs as their primal needs began to take control. Sylar’s hands dug into Claire’s soft rounds just as her heels were now digging into his back.

Their kisses quickly turned ravenous as he thrust harder into her again and again. With one arm around his shoulders, the nails of her other hand raked down his back.

Sylar groaned out, but only added to his own pleasure while her tight cunt grasped his cock tighter with every stroke.

Their mouths still locked in their ferocious kiss, their bodies still moving in such a perfect rhythm, the spray from the shower only fueling their passionate flames.

“S- Sylar,” Claire stammered as her muscles repeatedly coiled around him, signifying her nearing fiery release.

Grinding into her, burying himself deep within her, still determined to give her every bit of rapture he was being given. He was ready to ride out her edge and wasn’t about to slow his pace now.

Both were long since caring if they still had the house to themselves, still moaning into the other’s mouth through their impassioned kiss and knowing they were just seconds from their orgasms completely overwhelming them.

It was only just a few hard thrusts more before Claire shuddered hard against Sylar and he held on tighter just to be sure neither of them would fall.

His own blissful eruption quickly followed, her muscles still spasming around him.

“I’ve missed this,” she panted as they carefully untangled themselves once their bodies had begun to return to their calm, sated state.

“Not so mad at me now for showing up unannounced then?” Sylar smiled as he looked to Claire just in front of him.

She gave a soft, short laugh as she laced her arms around his waist again. “No. Though I think we should do this more often.”

“You do?” he smiled as he crossed his arms behind her and held her closer.

“Mm hmm,” she purred before giving him another short, tender kiss. Reaching behind him a moment later to turn the water off, she asked, “What do you say we dry off and continue this in my bed?”

“I wish we could but your mother’s home,” he sighed.

She listened for a moment, though knew she couldn’t hear nearly as well as he could. Still it was only another second before she heard her mother’s voice calling up to her, letting her know that she was back.

Their fun may have been over just then, but already she could see the silent promise in her lover’s dark eyes to make it up to her.

The End

!one-shot, fic, #rating: r, @josiefier, !au

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