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Nov 06, 2008 15:16

Title: In Words
Author: JosieFier
Character/Pairing: Sylar/Claire
Summary: He knew this could happen. That the night would come when she would ask for this. Tonight she had done so in words.
Word Count: 1478
Rating: R
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Heroes is not owned by me, but by Tim Kring. I’m simply borrowing these characters for non-profit entertainment.
A/N: So I’m not liking a certain aspect of the show… consider this my retaliation in Sylaire’s favor lol. As always, they’re not related in my universe.


Blue light poured through the otherwise dimly lit cell, the posted guards seemingly asleep on their feet just a few yards away.

She had slipped by them the same as always. Claiming she was watching over the prisoner at the request of her father who was who knew where at the time.

The prisoner, he thought with a soft scoff as he looked to the petite brunette asleep in his arms. He could hardly consider himself a prisoner at a time like this.

Mentally he had already struggled over this for some time. He knew from the first time she had slipped into his cell that this could happen. That she could end up asking for this in one way or another.

Tonight she had done so in words.

First she had kissed him, pressing her slim, hot body into his. He had silently cursed her inability to know what she did to him. Though she hardly seemed surprised when she felt it for herself.

In fact she had enjoyed it. Smiling against his lips as she had begun to intensify the kiss and bring her nimble fingers to the waistband of his Company-issued pants.

At first he had brushed her hands away, partially convinced this could just be an easy way to send her father over the edge and finally have him kill him like he had been wanting to do for some time.

That idea quickly vanished though when he remembered the horrified expression from the last time her father had tried to kill him.

All of that thinking had made him lose track, he soon realized. Before he knew it he was feeling nothing but her skin against his hands. It was feeling her chest pressing into his stomach that he realized the only layer of clothing separating them were those he still had on.

Regaining a bit of control of himself, Sylar had put his hands to her hips and pushed her gently away again, breaking the kiss as quickly as he could.

“You don’t want me?” Claire had asked, for once showing her sadness at the possibility.

“You know I do,” he had sighed, knowing there was no way she hadn’t felt his erection pressing into her through their heated exchange. “But we can’t. If your father -”

“He’s not here,” she quickly stated.

That time Sylar used his ability to keep her back when he saw her trying to advance towards him again.

“Why is it so hard for you to believe I want you?” she finally asked.

“We don’t have all night,” he half-smirked, knowing the long list of reasons.

Claire couldn’t know completely why he had lowered his hand then. Maybe he had expected her to pick up her clothes, dress and leave. But Claire hadn’t come that far just to leave then.

Seeing her just inches from him again, the same silent plea in her eyes, he knew he had to ask, “Are you sure you want this? All of these secrets? All of these lies? This chance of your father killing us both?”

“I love you,” was all she said, still moving closer to him until he was the one initiating their next fiery kiss.

Way to prove them right, jackass, Sylar mentally scolded himself, you are weak.

Weak or not, within moments he had lifted off his shirt and shucked off his pants before lifting her feeling her legs going around his waist as he carried her over to his bed.

His hands briefly roamed over her body as he laid down on the solid cement bed, feeling her own slender hands trail down his sides as she straddled his hips.

It almost amused her to see his chivalrous side. He could have easily laid her down and risked crushing her, but he had opted for this, seemingly not wanting to hurt her. It was then she realized he may have been telling her the truth when he tried to tell her that he had never meant to cause her pain in the past.

All thoughts seemed to disappear all at once though when she felt him lowering her hips just a little lower. She wanted to feel his throbbing cock inside of her, not against her and his teasing was becoming all too unbearable.

Sylar had to admit he was bordering on frantic himself to feel her surrounding him, but it was his way of making absolute certain that if they were going to do something they couldn’t take back that it was really what she wanted.

Any questions left had been answered within another moment when he felt her relaxing against him, as wet as he was hard. Neither could take the waiting any longer and Sylar knew he was about to put them out of their shared misery.

Part of him had wanted to take her slow, wanting to savor every second of it that he could. But he had underestimated Claire’s want and need.

Claire brought her hips back almost as quickly as she could, opening herself to him completely as she impaled herself on his cock.

They had both suddenly realized just how exhausted the guards on the graveyard shift must have been given that they hadn’t come to investigate the muffled cries of rapture that had just come from both of them.

Still he had held her roughly to him, his quest of dominance still showing through even as her hips bucked into his.

She squeezed him harder nearly each time she raised up, greedily taking his every groan. Though it was when he ground into her that he was granted what she had been given.

Their rhythm quickening, their moans growing just a little bit louder even through the heated kiss they struggled to maintain. They knew if they broke apart then the guards were sure to hear them and there were nearly to the point of no return.

Prolonging the torture or sending themselves and their lover spiraling into bliss seemed like such a difficult decision in that moment.

But their bodies were both about to make their own wills perfectly clear. He was still grinding into her in every way that had her on the verge of crying out and she wasn’t relenting as she met him forcefully at every thrust.

Knowing he was just on the verge then, he clung to every bit of concentration he had left and used his ability to further stroke her needful core while one hand busied itself at the back of her neck to make absolute certain she wouldn’t pull her mouth away at just the wrong time and the other tweaked a taught nipple.

Claire had to admit she didn’t mind either hand placement despite the pressure of both having surely been enough to bruise any normal woman. His left truly was all that kept her from rearing up and loudly moaning and gasping as her own edge continued to near. Even more so now with this added concentration at her clit.

It was when she heard and felt him suck in a sharp breath that she moved faster. She wanted to cum with him, feeling for herself just how close he was then.

He lost his concentration for all of a second as he groaned through the kiss, feeling her muscles coiling around him then as her own orgasm threatened to consume her.

Sylar couldn’t help but smile slightly against her lips as she let out the barest of a moan as her body shook within his tight grasp.

It wasn’t until their shudders had calmed almost completely that their lips finally began to part. For a moment they just looked to one another, their bodies still one and shining with beads of sweat, the sweet musky scent still hanging in the air, yet both could only then focus on their shared stun of this having been real.

Both had secretly fantasized numerous times but neither could fully believe it had happened.

Yet here now Sylar still had Claire in his arms as she happily slept against him, unable to completely take his eyes from her. He couldn’t know when he would get this chance again and wasn’t about to waste a bit of it tonight.

What they had done would have been enough to get them both killed, he knew. At least if it was discovered by her father. Right then however it seemed to be easy enough to hide. Noah was never there this late at night, the guards were practically dead asleep and Claire was sure to slip out before dawn.

It all seemed easy enough.

But that was only because neither could know then that there was soon to be a person who could all too easily reveal all with his mere appearance.

The son that they had unknowingly conceived this very night.

The End

!one-shot, fic, #rating: r, @josiefier, !au

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