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Fandom: Heroes
Author: JosieFier
Character/Pairing: Sylar/Claire
Summary: Claire knows now that Sylar could be the death of her. But tonight she's realized that when that time comes she's ready to take that final breath. Oneshot
Word Count: 705
Rating: R
Spoilers: up to 3x05
Disclaimer: Heroes is not owned by me, but by Tim Kring. I’m simply borrowing these characters for non-profit entertainment.
A/N: After getting hold of a list of prompts I got the idea for this uber short oneshot. The prompt being “Mirror”. As always, Claire and Sylar aren’t related in my universe.

Like seemingly any other night Claire had gone into her bathroom to change her clothes for bed. She had left the lights off though, the nearby streetlights providing more than enough for her to see by.

In the almost unearthly silence of the darkened room she found her thoughts drifting back to him again. She could swear that she could almost see him, almost even hear him breathing just behind her. It was just another trick of her tired mind, she knew. He knew better than to trust coming into the Bennet’s home again. Even if she were to invite him both knew it would be a virtual death sentence the second Noah found out.

For a moment Claire caught a glimpse of herself in the large mirror. Even in the darkness she began to see the subtle changes in her face and expression.

She hadn’t wanted to, but soon she found herself staring at her reflection. Within another moment she was looking to herself almost as a stranger housed within her skin. She wasn’t the same happy, well-adjusted eighteen-year-old her parents still chose to see. Not the popular high school cheerleader who could have any boy she chose or Daddy’s Little Angel.

Even in her own reflection now she could only see him and what she had become because of him. Strong and determined with an illusion of focus. She wanted to believe she was focused in her pursuits but in truth that only came when she thought of him.

Some thoughts though were certainly more pleasing than others. She comforted herself with mental images of shooting him and watching his blood and brain matter spray over whatever wall happened to be behind him.

The thoughts that crept in around this time of night on the other hand were the ones that sickened her. The fantasy of him rocking steadily above her, the feel of him moving so deeply within her, filling her, actually pleasing her. It was the fact that part of her found the fantasy downright arousing that actually disgusted her.

She wanted to hold onto her anger and her hatred. She thought for certain those were what she would need most in order to destroy him.

Both knew she wouldn’t ever really pull the trigger however. She may have the strength and will of a killer but she couldn’t bring herself to truly kill him. Not because he had her ability now could regenerate just as she could but because she wasn’t ready to be without him.

She cursed herself for thinking it, but only because she knew it was true. She was the angel to his demons, the light to his dark and he was all she had been missing.

Yes part of her still feared him and claimed to despise him but beneath that she knew there was some sort of twisted love.

He had made her whole again when he easily could have just left after having gotten what he had come for those months ago. There was still some humanity left in him, some ounce of caring and it was that which she couldn’t forget and couldn’t seem to stop wanting to know more of.

The fact he had later saved her did nothing to add to her hatred towards him. Of course she blamed him for that as well.

It was then Claire knew that Sylar could easily be the death of her. But as she stared deep into the reflection of her own eyes she knew that should that come to be then she was ready to take that final breath.

The End

!one-shot, fic, #rating: r, @josiefier, !au

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