I Hate My Dad Right Now

Jul 27, 2009 14:02

Besides the fact my dad calls me every five minutes (well, literally every 15) to make sure I am not napping, he called me at the most inopportune time.

I was just about to dream of Zachary Quinto naked in a vat of nacho cheese when he calls and wakes me up gosh darn it.

The reason he keeps waking me up is because I have to go pick up my tickets to go to President Obama's town hall meeting in Raleigh tomorrow.  Yes, I was randomly selected to go, me!  I get to see the President on Wednesday!  If I can get up, drive 40 miles to Raleigh to pick them up, and then haul my ass back.  Maybe a trip to the book store will be in order as a present to myself.

But I'm still upset about my dream.  Chris Pine was there, too, and they were arguing like a married couple, but ZQ was about to get into the vat of cheese.  FML.  I will update about my NYC adventure soon, when I get over my loss.

zachary quinto, dreams

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