How did Meggington spend her weekend?

May 18, 2009 01:01

1.) Made dinner for my dad Friday night b/c his GF went to Florida.
2.) Caught up on 30 Rock.  Next to catch up on - Kings.
3.) Downloaded Heroes Season 1 and So NoTORIous.  Then proceeded to force father to watch So NoTORIous.  His first question was asking whether Zach Quinto was gay.  I lulled.
4.) Got Dominoes Bread Bowl pastas.  Can you say yum?
5.) Went to Marshalls.  Bought jacket.  Was originally $260.  I paid $15.  Also bought $100 dress pants for $9.
6.) Got Chinese.
7.) Now lying here with cat.

I will be going up to New York (visiting mom's friend) and New Jersey (apartment hunting) from July 10th to 17th.  Or thereabouts anyway.  Also going to Cincinatti to visit Meghan and Nicole (KGU meetup!) sometime this summer.  I want to go to LA to go be on the Price is Right and kidnap ZQ (among others), and I have enough miles for a ticket, but maybe next summer since I'm going to NYC and Ohio.  
rabbity_one  will have to go with me.  She will agree with my mission.

Starting school August 31st.  Starting professional stalking career somewhere around August 15th-20th I suspect.  And please, God, let Zach host SNL.  If so, I will die.  And then kidnap him.

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