Artist Sign Ups 2013

Sep 01, 2013 04:28

This is the post for people who would like to create art for this challenge.

Artists will be expected to turn in one piece of art by Monday, October 21st.

Early Bird Exception: Artists who wish to submit two prompts must complete and submit one prompt by Monday, October 14th. Otherwise, only one prompt will be allowed per artist.

Sign-ups for artists will close on Sunday, October 13th!

Art should be completed. You may still make changes, but the art should be complete enough that a writer could work from it even if no changes are made. This art will be posted anonymously, along with a a sentence or two about your preferred pairings (if any). Authors will then go on to claim art to write for, similar to the way artists claim authors' summaries in regular Big Bang challenges.

Authors will write a story of at least 3000 words inspired by the art, and posting will begin Thursday, January 2nd.

Drawings, paintings, digital manips, and fanvids are all allowed as submissions. Art be at least 400px by 600px, or at least 30 seconds in length if you are submitting a fanvid.

It is encouraged that artists have their work reviewed by an art beta. You may refer to our beta-sign up post to contact people who have volunteered to help out, or use your own betas (we will not be assigning betas in this challenge).

Due to the way art claims are set up, it would be difficult to ensure that an author would be familiar with an additional source of canon. We strongly discourage crossovers, but they will be allowed so long as the focus of the prompt remains on the SPN characters or actors. Additionally, it will be the artist's responsibility to provide explanations of, or information about, characters from other fandoms included in the artwork to the author.

To sign up, please leave a comment on this post with your LJ name and your e-mail address.

Everyone who wishes to participate should join and watch the community, to make sure they do not miss important deadlines or updates to the challenge.

If you have any questions, please comment here, send an email to or send a PM to spnreversemod.

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