At the Bookseller's [Art]

Jan 02, 2015 20:15

Title: At the Bookseller's
Gifter: soserendipity
Giftee: colls
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester
Medium: Digital art
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: As it says on the tin.
Artist's Notes: Created for the lovely colls for the 2014 edition of spn_j2_xmas. A huge thank you to bertee for being the most accomodating mod ever because life, as usual, did not comply.
Dear colls, your gift decided to become a picture at the very last minute. It's an illustration of a story that I wrote for a combination of several of your likes. However, I couldn't finish it on time and I apologize for the delay. In this picture you only have the bookstore AU, but I'd still like to post the story when it is done and there you'll find many more of your wishes :). Happy New Year!

@ spn_j2_xmas, art:at_the_bookseller's

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