Winter Fury [Art Masterpost, Notes & Acknowledgments]

Dec 31, 2013 02:26

Title: Winter Fury (read it here)
Author/Artist: soserendipity
Genre: SPN Gen
Rating: NC 17
Word count: ~15.5K
Warnings/Spoilers: Show level violence. Set in the early seasons.
Summary: If there's one thing Dean despises as intensely as Sam hunting solo, it's Sam hunting solo and being stuck in a snowstorm - outside. But with Dean out for the count and a monster with a deadline on the loose, the Winchester boys don't have much of a choice this time.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own ideas. No money made, no insult intended. This is purely fictional.
Author's/Artist's Notes: Created as a gift for jedisapphire for The Supernatural and CWRPF Holiday Exchange 2013 at spn_j2_xmas.
All the art, further notes & acknowledgments, and details about the giftee's prompts and wishes below.



Banner (click for bigger size)


POV Titles & Divider ("end-of-post Sign")



This story was written for The Supernatural and CWRPF Holiday Exchange 2013 at spn_j2_xmas. I got the very awesome jedisapphire as a giftee and she wished for the following:

What sort of gift would you like? Anything
What pairings/characters would you like? SPN Gen, either Sam and Dean or Sam-centric
What are your general 'likes'? Hurt Sam and protective big bro Dean, brothers being brothers, angst, h/c and banter between the boys, casefic, John as a father who sometimes failed but always tried his best, Gabriel. Sam being all badass and coming to Dean's rescue works pretty well for me, too.
What are your general 'dislikes'? Non-canon pairings and over-heavy romance in general. Sam being evil. Dean and Cas bromance.
List up to five prompts (optional):
1. The things only brothers know.
2. Something with Sam and Dean as kids and the moment Dean first realized what it meant to be a big brother.
3. "If you put the cotton candy down now, I won't tell my little brother."
4. "You know what the problem is? It's that you only eat rabbit food."
5. "Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them." (PJ O'Rourke)

I tried to combine most of her general likes - all of them except for Gabriel, actually, who just wouldn't fit into the story. Instead, there's Bobby. I hope that's ok, too. All the general dislikes were left out of it, of course. Additionally, I combined prompts # 1, 2, and 4. Well, kind of. Erm. I hope that the dear jedisapphire likes what I made of her fantastic ideas and that she can forgive me for the terrible lateness of this post. I tried to finish earlier, but health, RL, and substitute beta issues completely threw me off my game. Since the giftee didn't specify whether she'd prefer story or art, I first came up with ideas for a story and then simultaneously created a bit of art for it, just so there was something to look at in case she didn't enjoy the writing.

Just to clarify, I aged the boys in the flashback at about 10 and 14 on purpose. In season nine's "Bad Boys", Dean is actually said to be 16, but the writer mentioned having written him as a fourteen year old; that only changed in post production when the actor looked much older to them. I think both Dean's behaviour and the very young Sam make much more sense if they had let him stay 14 so in my headcanon that's his age.

I completely made up the MOTW, if there actually is such a thing as a Winter Fury, please point me towards whatever you know about them and I'll gladly try to adjust the story. I've never been to Idaho or Minnesota so everything is creative license other than what google maps and an awesome map of the current snow cover in the US told me. Also, I actually never bled on snow so I gladly trusted the knowledge of my awesome beta who changed all the colors from "light dusky pink" and the like to intense red or deep, black-ish crimson. If there are any other things you stumbled upon that I clearly got wrong, shoot me a line :). Seriously. (Feel free to do the same if links are not working for you or if you can't access one of the entries - or both. Spazzy LJ has been spazzy. I apologize for the formatting, too. I keep editing it and LJ keeps ignoring me. Same old, same old.)

The banner is a montage of pictures found via google search and some fancy brushes and color effects in GIMP. Jared's screenshot stems from the movie "Christmas Cottage" and Jensen's is from Supernatural's first season's "Faith". In the two POV titles, I mirrored the color scheme from the banner but switched the designated colors. I got the font from and experimented a bit with the mode of it in GIMP to create the semi-see-through effect. The divider got degraded to an end-of-post sign, and frankly it only stayed because I liked the picture so much. I originally planned to use it as a divider between POVs but that didn't look nice at all in the finished story so I improvised.



This story wouldn't have become what it is hadn't it been for indiachick's great idea of a rebellious teenage Dean (even before it became canon, I might add). Thank you very much for that, my dear! I wish we could have collaborated more, but RL wasn't having it this time. I always love working with you, though, and look what your idea spawned! It's a story :). With stars!!!

Also, the fabulous cosmo_naught once more spun gold of my crazy, bedeviled nonsense; in record time, nonetheless. When the beta substituting for her went and stayed MIA, she stepped up and betaed the hell out of this in no time at all. I salute you, missy, for an impossible task well done! Without you there'd be nothing nice here at all. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Lastly, I need to fall on my knees in front of the most patient mods of all, bertee, who kindly granted me and extension when I had just made it home in time to miss the first posting deadline and then another one when the beta dilemma happened. I'm so glad I still got the chance to write and post this story, thank you very much! I'm sure a pinch-hitter could have done something perfect with those funny prompts, but my heart beat for this little hurt/comfort underdog and I'm glad it actually made it.

@ spn_j2_xmas, art:winter_fury, fic:winter_fury

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