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Jun 07, 2010 15:35

Come Crashing Down, by deird1
post-"The Gift"
You love canon AU's that take a big step sideways? You have a thing for post-apocalyptic goodness (/badness)? You're in the mood to have your heart ripped out and stomped on in only 1500 words? This is so the fic for you. Sparingly worded yet rich with implications. Beware character death and angst like an elegant anvil.

Kindred Spirits, by nwhepcat
I keep calling this epic the Dawn/Ethan fic, and yeah, there's definitely intimacy and sexiness and magic. However, it's much more a fic about Dawn, her origins, and her future than about her relationship with Ethan. Hep takes the ill-fitting pieces of the Buffyverse worldbuilding and builds something much richer and stranger out of them.

To Apprehend Air, by quinara
post-"Lies My Parents Told Me"
I seem to have a thing for fics that explore Spike losing his soul after he's gotten it, and I think this is my favorite yet. Ramifications are explored, rich S7 Spuffy interaction is had, Anya shines, and meanwhile the crew explores Arashmaharr and storms a castle. It's a romp, but with introspection! (I was going to say 'with soul-searching,' but I refrained.)

Traditional Love Stories, by tashlae
A breezy, self-aware review of the Spike/Buffy relationship that's almost as much about us Spuffyites as it is about the ship itself. Even though I knew the story, the expression was always just one step left of what I expected. Delightful.

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