Not-Really-Musical Sunday: Conspiracy Theory

May 16, 2010 03:19

Conspiracy Theory isn't a musical, but I'm the blogger 'round this here blog, and this is the clip I wanna talk about this week, so there. (And there is music...)

Conspiracy Theory (1997; Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts) is an odd duck. It's a thriller in plot terms, complete with the most intense torture scene I've ever seen in film, yet I find it hilarious. It's structured like a romance, but half the pairing is a paranoid probably-schizophrenic who rotates between pathetic, awkwardly sweet, and right creepy. Mel Gibson makes the film as Jerry Fletcher, yet it's not all about him; Alice Sutton, the Justice Department gal he's sweet on, gets her own frequent moments of fabulousness.

All that, and yet it never quite lives up to the opening credits sequence. Check out the clever placement of logos and credits, appreciate the perfectly-chosen music, and let Jerry Fletcher's litany of paranoid truths wash over you. It's brilliant.

[The credits are the first 3:50 of the clip.]

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in my world everyone bursts into song

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