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Jan 04, 2020 09:57

This is a mix of music/RL things and RPF things. If I have people here who would prefer I keep the two separate, so they can interact only with the music posts, let me know.

There were times in the mid-90s when Liam Gallagher was just ridiculously pretty.

(Related: sourcing images from the mid-90s is A CHALLENGE. I have no idea what magazine this is from. Obviously something musical, given the other names listed.)

I'm going on a slow and nonlinear journey through the Oasis disography, and am currently on Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. I knew that album was considered a low point, but it's impressive how little it has going on. So much of it is just really forgettable, even most of the singles, and even the interesting bits tend to get buried by the muddy production.

- I've seen Go Let It Out described as the most classic-Oasis song on the album, and I guess it is, but it's like forgettable, Roll With It-level classic Oasis, and why are we drowning out Liam's vocals? They're not his best effort, but they're the only thing the song has going for it!

- Gas Panic! is probably my favorite, although I liked it better when I thought it was Noel experimenting with a more narrative mode, before I realized it was literally about panic attacks. Also, Liam's delivery of "window" as "win-duh" at the end of the big dramatic line is hilarious to me. Still, I like the narrative elements and the big, very vaguely prog rock (?) sound.

- I hadn't cared for what I'd heard of Noel's earlier singing (mostly Don't Look Back in Anger and Acquiesce). He just made singing sound like so much work. So, I was really surprised by how much I liked him on Where Did It All Go Wrong. He sounds like a whole different person. Maybe this is what being off cocaine for a couple of years will do for you? The first time I heard it, I was like, oh, I could have a crush on that voice, which is emphatically not a response I had had to any of Noel's singing before. That said, I also feel like the song is several genres over from anything else they'd been doing. The sound and Noel's delivery are SO... earnest? Unironic? Emo? I'm not even sure what the right adjective is here.

Man, I could have nominated Liam & Gwyneth Paltrow for Chocolate Box! I wanted to request one or two gen Liam relationships, but I couldn't think of any at the time, and they are such an amazingly odd-couple, blind-leading-the-blind pair of people. I'm utterly mystified that they... know each other? Interact? At least, they knew each other well enough in 2006 for Liam to ask Paltrow for help when he thought his house was haunted. And health product scams aside, I find Paltrow highly entertaining as a human being.

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