Trick or Treat fic I wrote!

Nov 07, 2019 18:14

No Thursday recs from me, since I already made two recs post since last week, but here are the things I wrote for ToT! I wrote FIVE things, which is the most outside of a drabble exchange since the very first ToT five years ago. :')

Care and Keeping - MCU, Thor/Heimdall/Valkyrie post-Ragnarok bedsharing, 1.6k. I've been wanting to write this ship for a while and was very excited to do so for a fellow shipper! Woo! I tend to take a very strong h/c angle on Thor Odinson after Ragnarok, so this is more of the same, pretty much.

A Service at Some Cost - MCU, Heimdall/Loki post-Ragnarok watersports, 4.5k. This fic is like two parts pee and three parts Loki's wide-ranging, ever-changeable angst. As usually happens when I write Loki, I was DMing everyone I know, going "Loki is SO MUCH WORK." And that's partly the theme of this fic - that Loki's a lot to deal with even when he's not actively being a pill, and sometimes the other person has to just stop trying until Loki figures out how to meet them halfway. This is a much less emotionally stable Loki than I tend to write for this era, and IDK that I'm 100% convinced by him, but then Loki has so many facets that he allows for a lot of different interpretations, I feel. I'm a little sorry I've buried all this in a watersports fic that a lot of people won't be up for reading, but so it goes.

In my heart, this fic is also another entry on the "uncomfortable shit Loki does to get supplies for Asgard" list, which includes my "Loki has to change into Jotun form" fic and
iknowcommawrite's "Loki becomes a magic hooker" fic. I would read an entire fest of fics on this theme, fyi.

memory of water - original work, 300 words. I'd been wanting to try my hand at some nice concise horror, and I'm pretty pleased with this. Written for the nomination "Ghost of a Dried-Up River."

something urgent in the blood - Constantine (2005), John/Angela sex pollen, 800 words. I asked myself what kind of fic I most wanted for this canon, and concluded it was "fic about Keanu Reeves' character being incredibly hot." I very rarely have my POV characters rhapsodize about how gorgeous the other person is, but man it just felt right here.

and now the weather - Stranger Things, pre-Steve/Nancy/Jonathan, post-S2 h/c and werewolfiness. Sholio didn't have a treat yet, the Battleship game needed werecreatures, and together those resulted in this fic. I'm kind of amused that I ONLY write this fandom for exchanges, only the OT3, and only at very long intervals, lol.

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