MCU recs #13

Aug 15, 2019 11:11

Iiiiit's Thursday! Here's another round of MCU recs.

VID: Old Town Road by
Short but delicious Cap action vid, with some really seamless editing. The bit at :32 when Cap in one movie tosses his shield to Cap in another movie is just *chef's kiss*.

Ships That Don't Always Come In by
Peggy + Thompson gen, 1.5k. Peggy knows him a little too well, sometimes. In which Thompson has a lot of feelings about being gay, none of which he's going to admit to, and Peggy sees him for who he is. I am always a sucker for gen about queer people finding acceptance, and this absolutely hit that spot, even though Jack isn't in a place to accept that acceptance, yet.

All Your Old Places by
Gamora/Nebula, 1k. She buys a tight bio-mesh cunt the next time they’re on Xandar. Non-lubricating, she reads on the packaging. Clitoris included. Deals with past body modification, really high-tech sex toys, and a quiet, intimate, vulnerable moment between these two that haven't much experience with those.

The Food is Probably a Metaphor by
Scott Lang/Jimmy Woo, 3k. Cute getting-together fic, great Scott voice, and there's even a classic Luis summary at the end.

blood in blood and hand in hand by
Carol/Yon-Rogg, 14k. Carol decides soulbonding with Yon-Rogg will help her take down the Supreme Intelligence. This is the chewy, long, achy, messy fic about these two that I have been longing for. I'm very picky about their dynamic, and this gets it just right, with Yon-Rogg's prickly arrogance and true-believer naivete contrasting with Carol's straight-shooting approach and willingness to think outside the box. The slow burn and the feelings are REALLY GOOD here, aided by several helpings of hurt/comfort. Ahhhhhh.

Anything Serious by
Nat/Tony, 1.5k. They start off FWB; it takes a decade or so and a few apocalypses to get them farther. This fic feels really economical in its use of words; not a one wasted.

space travel's in my blood by
Valkyrie/Jane, 1k. The tale of Valkyrie traveling to Midgard, becoming King, and meeting Jane Foster. Nifty drabbles series following Valkyrie in the time since Ragnarok. A neat character study.

Beyond Boys by
Pre-Bucky/Killmonger, 1k. What an intriguing pairing! And downjune's take on them both is so perfect, I want to quote every line. I love Killmonger's simmering rage and Bucky's wry chill.

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