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At long last I'm gathering up my SPN recs from rocksalt_recs and reposting them here for my own convenience (and also possibly yours!). That was TWO YEARS of reccing, from 2012 to 2014, so there's a lot. I'm splitting them into an SPN post and an SPN RPF post. Disclaimer that some links may be broken from people deleting, etc; I didn't check them all when I copied them over.


and we will possess by
Amelia Novak + Claire + Castiel gen, 5k. I don't believe I've ever before read a fic about Amelia Novak picking up the pieces, but this is a lovely one. She is angry and bitter and scared and just trying to make do. There's some gorgeous language in here, too.

the grind by kalliel
Dean, Sam, 2k. Circus AU. As kalliel says, this is "the S1 circus AU where Sam and Dean are fire-eating acrobat vetala" (you know, those monsters Dean and Krissy Chambers hunted in 7.11). Kalliel always has a deft touch in sketching out these kinds of AUs, and this is no exception; she also does a great job of showing the tension between Sam and Dean, who have many of the same issues as in canon, although not for all the same reasons. But mostly: monster!Winchesters in the circus. I mean really.

On the Way Down by sowell
Sam, Dean, 3k. Dragon AU. Dragons, pretty much. The relationship between them, the awful concern and the loneliness Sam feels for Dean when he's away being a dragon, hits me in all my gooey places. But seriously, DRAGONS.

Elements of Journalism or: How to Find Friends and Alienate Your Superiors by
Sam, Castiel, ensemble gen. Journalism AU. This fic wins some kind of "Unexpectedly Delightful" award, because I never would have expected to be so thoroughly enthralled by a Sam&Castiel journalism AU. I'm beyond impressed with how carefully and thoroughly story_monger develops her plot, how deftly she relates it to canon events (especially Sam's themes in S5), and how complex and real all her characters feel, including the secondary ones. Highlights for me were the Sam&Dean relationship, the ambiguous figure of Raphael (who's a woman in this fic), and budding video editor Jo, but another person could easily read it and come back with an entirely different list of favorite parts, because there are so many to choose from. This fic is just an absolute delight, start to finish.

External Drive by downjune
Kevin/Castiel, 1.6k. This fic has such a great mix of pragmatism and loneliness, mixed in with offers of comfort and friendship. Kevin and Castiel have a lot in common these days, what with both their lives being shot to hell, and this fic really builds on that shared grief. Lovely stuff.

Oh Comely by coyotesuspect
Jo, Dean, 6k. I am always on the lookout for more Jo casefic, and this is a great example. I love how much she's her own person here; she may be working with Dean, but they are clearly partners, not hunter and mentor. And I was fascinated by all the simmering tension between them - not romantic tension, but the stuff that comes of one partner clearly not telling the other everything. I didn't read the header real closely, so I was genuinely surprised with the AU elements, which were cool and also heartbreaking; I would totally read more in this universe, if more happened to appear.

Hit It, Sister by road_rhythm
Sam/Jess, 4k. Spanking. This isn't my kink, but Sam/Jess is my happy kinky pairing of choice, and wow this is some of the hottest het porn I've seen in a long, long time. Plus we have experimentation and Jess working out for both of them what they like, and they're both so very much themselves. Excellent stuff.

This world, it still has something by
Dean/Ellen, 6.5k. In an Endverse-like world where Jo and Ellen are alive (again), Dean spends a lot of time around Ellen looking shifty, and a while after that looking longingly, and then there's sex. It's from Ellen's POV, so there's no nonsense and some anger at life in general and the occasional sneaking affection. There's plenty of emotion here before we get to the sex. The fic is posted to AO3 in chapters, but actually the first 'chapter' comprises the main fic; the other two are kinky timestamps. They're good kinky timestamps - a lot of femdom, and some switching and temperature play, and so on. But the first chapter is the part I especially recommend. It's pretty fabulous.

Legacy by amberdreams
Dean, Sam, 8k. Spoilers through S8. S8 gave us time with the boys' grandfather; this fic introduces us and them to their grandmother, Geraldine. I've rarely seen a fic that develops a minor character (an OC, really) as richly as Geraldine is here; she's competent, fiercely determined women with her own motivations, who makes her own choices and suffers her own losses. This fic is from Dean's POV, but never is there any question of Geraldine being a secondary character in it. But it isn't just about her, either; in a short 8k the story develops a relationship with her and the boys that just makes my heart ache, because it's so much the kind of family that they haven't had since Mary died. It's just wonderful, every line.

Would You Walk to the Edge of the Ocean by ficwriter1966
Sam, Dean gen, 12k. It's like... temporary curtainfic? Sam and Dean's dynamic is wonderful: caring about each other, but still talking past each other. And though they don't get each other a lot of the time, they're not picking at each other, either. Sam's studied calm, impervious to Dean's questions and apparently weird hang-ups, is a thing of beauty. The author uses the setting to great effect, too: there's this sense of time slowing down, of plenty of space and quiet, letting the boys think through and talk around things they haven't been able to for a long time. This is a fic with no easy answers, no easily defined emotional beginnings or endings, just moments that roll together into something bigger, maybe.

The Chuck Writes Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography and afterwords by
Chuck Shurley, Becky, OCs, 30k. Spoilers through S5 (iirc). This fic series capitalizes on all the metafictional possibilities presented to us as soon as Chuck Shurley appeared on the scene. It's written as a fandom_wank write-up and details from a third-person perspective - with copious quotations and links to outside sources - the disaster that occurs when the creator of the Supernatural novels sneaks into his own fandom. This is about fandom as much as it is about SPN canon, and a fascinating exploration it is. Perhaps the most interesting part, to me, is what becomes of the fandom - and the canon - once Chuck Shurley disappears for good. Who's writing the stories now?

Handprint on the Driver's Side by tebtosca
Jo/Sam, one-shot. I love fic that presents Jo as her own person, fierce in her desires and her trust in herself, but not without compassion. This is that Jo. She takes Sam in one evening shortly after season 3 and grudgingly gives him the best care she can, but it's an unstable situation and it can only last so long. Just wonderfully written.

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe by sparrow_lately
Sam, Dean, 2k. This is the most heart-rending fic I have read in recent memory. It takes a well-worn fannish premise, Dean being de-aged, and uses it to bring out aspects of his hell trauma more effectively than basically anything else I have seen, in fic or canon. Nothing much happens in it, no traumatic events are directly portrayed, and Dean is safe with Sam the entire time, and yet my heart aches at the end of it. A really beautiful piece of writing.

James Herriot Never Had to Deal With This Crap by rokhal
Amelia Richardson + Sam + Dean, 6k. Amelia, crotchety veterinarian, suddenly has a very human medical emergency on her hands. Amelia in this is wonderful, and the Amelia-Sam-Dean interplay is wonderful, and there's tons of totally believable medical detail and meticulously described gore of the Alien variety. It's hurt/comfort and character study and perfectly drawn character interactions. It was written early in the season and certain detail are now AU, but the Amelia voice is still perfect.

Waiting Game by gryfndor_godess
Ruby/Sam, 4k. This was written for the prompt "Sam/Ruby, accidental baby acquisition," and is exactly as hilarious and as heartbreaking as could be hoped for, given the time the author chose to set it in. Ruby's pissed and disinterested and very occasionally fond despite herself, of Sam if not of the baby, and Sam's mostly just trying to make it. I'm always after more Ruby fic, and this is one of my favorites.

Not the Absence of Fear by
Kat (from 1.10), 4k. This is the "Kat becomes a hunter" fic I always wanted (and, disclaimer, was written for me). Kat's driven and resourceful and scared, and she does what she feels she has to. A neat coming-of-age kind of a fic, with a bonus guest appearance towards the end.

The Devil's on His Way by brutti_ma_buoni
Pamela, Missouri, 1.5k. This is a nifty snippet of two of the series psychics working together to close a seal. Great Pamela voice.

Lifelines by misachan
Dean/Castiel/Lisa Braeden, 6k. This is set in an AU S6 where Dean is living with Lisa but he and Cas still keep in touch sometimes. Dean's been having weird dreams lately that he isn't sure what to do with, and meanwhile Lisa has begun a phone acquaintance with that guy whose name keeps making Dean blush. I really enjoyed Lisa's point of view here as she works out what Dean wants and what she wants and how Castiel fits into it all, and the relationship plot and Cas's war-in-heaven plot tied together nicely. Sweet and sexy with just the right amount of angst.

I want a love that's on the square by peas_fics
Sam/Amelia, 1.4k.A hurty little piece of angst and mutual caretaking and the limits of what one person can do for another. And hopeful, despite all that. Gorgeous.

Surrendered Flags by
Tamara, ficlet. Brief but oh so poignant look at Tamara immediately after Isaac's death. The language is wonderful, the anger and grief indirectly stated but felt all the stronger for that. There's an arc here, too, of sorts, as Tamara decides what to make of her life now. Just lovely.

I'm Not Some Plot Hole, You Son of a Bitch by
Daphne/Castiel, 6k. This fic takes the tiny fragments we saw in canon and make sense of them, developing and deepening Daphne into a fully-dimensional character who's not all that pleased to be swept in the grand narrative nor particularly devout, who's prickly and damaged. It's exactly the Daphne character study I've been needing.

Sleep warm by Vongue - Sam + dog
Falling - by missgloomandoom - Meg/Castiel
untitled Meg Masters by lintra
Angel of Destruction by anobviousaside - Abaddon
untitled Sam + Castiel art by jenipuu
Good Morning by
Patatat - Dean/Castiel, NSFW
art for All Your Instruments by blueteainfusion - Dean, Mary, NSFW ish for body horror?
girl!Sam/girl!Gabriel by valiant paradox
The Undone and the Divine by gold_bluepoint - Ruby/Anna
Queens of Supernatural by sabrea - playing cards
untitled by 22to22 - Meg+Castiel
Classy Knight of Hell by woosome - Abaddon
Charlie + Gilda by wifihunters
I eat men like air by poetrytofish - Abaddon

Freedom Hangs Like Heaven Over Everyone by turqouisetumult - Sam vid

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