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Sep 14, 2015 12:05

YAY, I did this exchange last year and am super excited to do it again. I hope you are also excited! I tried to include both fluffy/sexy prompts and horror prompts for each character/fandom I requested. However, they’re just ideas, so if you have something else you’d like to write or draw related to my requested characters, feel free! I've also included lists of stuff I like in general, to help inspire you.

I have fewer horror prompts than sexy/fluffy prompts, but that's just because I had a harder time thinking of prompts. Please be assured I would be delighted by horror fic or art! Below I’ve included some general types of horror I like, though, so maybe that will help inspire you.

General things I like for tricks: psychological horror, existential horror, weird plants, creepy ruins, creepy weird landscapes, body horror, weather, amnesia, tentacles, mpreg, stuffing/belly kink.

General things I like for treats: kink negotiation, body appreciation, touching and teasing, xeno kink, women in charge, watersports, enemas, stuffing/belly kink (those last three are my kink trifecta; feel free to consider any of them as prompts for any of these fandoms!). A/B/O, tentacles, wingfic, steampunk vibes, weather, mpreg.

General things I don’t like / DNW: sexual violence or threats thereof; gore for the sake of gore; character death; trauma to eyes, hands, or teeth. Larger person physically dominating smaller one, comeplay, non-con, D/s-type punishment. Infidelity, first-person POV, crossovers (exceptions noted).


Hockey RPF - Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, Evgeni Malkin, Olli Maatta, Brad Marchand
Ships I like: Sid/Geno, Sid/Flower, Sid/Geno/Flower, Sid/Olli, Geno/Flower, Sid/Geno/Hornqvist, Olli/Pouliot, Sid/Marchand, Sid/Giroux, Sid/Kessel, Geno/Kessel, Flower/Kessel, any threesome combo of Sid/Geno/Flower/Kessel, Marchand/Seguin, Marchand/Bergeron. Gen also fine for horror prompts!

Likes for this canon: FEELINGS, admission of feelings, creaturefic, loneliness, a/b/o (especially queered a/b/o), mpreg, coming out fic, weird or dangerous magic, team-wide poly, hockey as a cult (religious or not), crack taken seriously. If there’s kink or sex, I’m a big fan of the smaller guy topping. I am especially a fan of bottom!Geno.

Dislikes / DNWs : everybody’s gay, Blackhawks, misogyny, crack that’s played for humor, non-hockey AUs, historical AUs, people acquiring or turning into pets.

Possible prompts:
- Every time he wakes up, his life is different.
- When he was just a kid, a strange person offered him the life he dreamed of in the NHL in return for [his soul/ten years of his life/your choice].
- He’s the hockey gods’ favorite. This is not a good thing.
- Every so often, a team has to make a sacrifice. The hockey gods must be appeased. (Can be a sexy sacrifice!)
- any rare ship above, surprise soulbond
- any ship above, fucking at center ice (with or without audience)
- watersports, any ship above
- stuffing/belly appreciation, any ship above
- kink/sexual discovery, any ship above
- any snippet - treat or trick - for an urban fantasy AU where they still play hockey. Do goalies do actual magic? Do opposing teams insist on Sid getting regularly checked for magical enhancements?
- Buffy crossover. One of the Pens nominated above meets/flirts with/gets saved by a Slayer is always fun. Someone getting menaced by Drusilla or Darla or both or an apocalypse: also fun. Please no hockey player/Buffy character m/m, but het is fine if you want to go there.

Supernatural - Jo Harvelle
Ships: gen!!!, Jo/Ruby, Jo/Castiel, Jo/Dean/Castiel, Jo/Sam, Jo/Anna, Jo/Tamara, Jo/Amelia Richardson, Sam/Jo/Amelia. (Obviously that last couple are strictly hypothetical, but I’d love to see fic for them!)

Likes for this canon: Creepy canonverse stuff! Casefic! MOTW encounters! HORROR. Creep me out. Psychological horror, existential horror, body horror. Strong sense of place (regional-specific stuff is <3), wilderness settings, canon-divergent AUs, twisty story structure, horror, ghost stories, enclosed spaces, moodiness and atmosphere, weather, weird architecture, the Endverse, monsters with layers and complicated motivations, stuff fitting the tone of canon.

Dislikes / DNWs for this canon: non-canonverse AU, fluff, straight-up romance, sexual menace.

Possible prompts:
Jo knows she’s supposed to be hunting something, but she can’t remember what.
It isn’t just dead people that can haunt a place.
Jo/Ruby - trading sex for information.
Jo/Ruby - just surviving
Jo/Castiel, Jo/Anna, or gen - Jo’s the one who got gripped tight and raised from perdition
Jo has a run-in with something, and now weird things are happening to her body (body horror ftw!)
Jo in the endverse
h/c - either Jo's hurt and a woman takes care of her (Amelia Richardson??), or anyone else is hurt and Jo takes care of them
Any Jo het ship - mpreg
Any Jo ship (or gen) - a/b/o

Karen Memory, by Elizabeth Bear - Karen Memery, Priyadarashini Swati
Likes for this canon: KAREN, Karen/Priya, Madame Damnable and her whole stable of seamstresses, machines and gadgets, the little details of daily life, bendy not-quite-right history, fluff, post-book fic/art.

Dislikes / DNWs for this canon: sexual menace or violence, deathfic.

Possible prompts (feel free to snag any of these for art as well, if you can see a way to do it)
Karen/Priya - anything adorable
Karen/Priya first time sex
Priya "hires" Karen for the night
Karen/Priya - they try something a little kinky
Karen (+Priya?) encounters one of those monsters Karen casually mentions (Sasquatch, etc)
gen or Karen/Priya - a/b/o
Karen/Priya - anything at all from Priya's POV

ART prompts:
Karen/Priya - something a little bit sexy (kissing, hand on boob, undressing - I'm more thinking PG-13/R than NC-17 here)
Priya - all greasy and dirty, with a machine she's working on
Karen - in a pretty dress (and/or Priya getting her out of it)
Karen - her "wandering around the west on horseback, gathering stories" outfit
Karen and/or Priya - anything steampunky from the book! or that you can envision post-book!

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