okay, my SPN peeps

Jul 31, 2015 07:54

Has there been any good fic for spn_summergen that both a) features ladies and b) doesn't involve any canon after S8? Because if there are, I would like to read them.

Also, anybody have any SPNJ2BB recs? I haven't looked there at ALL yet. /o\

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claudiapriscus August 2 2015, 17:52:28 UTC
I beta'd a spn gen fic that was pretty good but meets neither requirement (well, it doesn't involve any canon past season 6, so)but that's pretty much the only spn gen fic I've read this year!


snickfic August 3 2015, 03:56:36 UTC
Yeah, I haven't really been reading SPN anymore either. Alas. :(


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