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May 11, 2015 08:59

Okay, I know that at least some of Spike's early S7 crazy is because of the First - we know, because we see the First talking to him as Buffy (and also Dru? It's been quite a long time since I watched those eps). But it clearly isn't ALL the First, because Spike can see both Willow and Buffy in Same Time, Same Place, which seems like supernatural crazy of a different kind. Right?

I guess I'm just confused as to how either soul-torment or First-torment would allow Spike to see realities other people can't. It sounds more like the kind of thing Dru could do, or possibly Glory's mind-suck victims. (Actually the main thing I'm getting out of this post is how messed up Buffy is in terms of its treatment of mental illness as ~magic.)

All of this gets me to: someone has written Dru visiting Spike in the basement, right? Maybe taking him away, even? They've never had so much in common, and she could take care of him now, in her very screwed up way.

I want this, guys.

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