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Jan 03, 2015 07:00

Things I read/watched/wrote/what have you in 2014!

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de_nugis January 3 2015, 15:18:30 UTC
I've never heard of The Raven Boys, but since the Kindle edition was 1.99 I just bought it.

The Left Hand of Darkness is dated in some ways, but it's still one of my favorite Le Guins, along with Tombs of Atuan and the second book in the Gifts series.

I somewhat startled myself by finally getting around to reading Middlemarch over the last few days of the year and being absolutely bowled over by it. I'm usually not a big classic novels person, but a lot of it hit me right in the solar plexus, though the punch was as much analytic as directly emotional.


ladymercury_10 January 3 2015, 16:57:24 UTC
UGH I think LJ ate my comment, so forgive me if this turns out to be a double post.

Hanna is such a great movie! The cinematography is crazy pretty, and I love how it feels like an action thriller and almost a fairy tale at the same time.

I agree, it's hard to find comics fic for specific, recent stuff. A lot of it is set either at a vague and ambiguous time or in a mashup of continuities. It's like that in DC fandom too, although they don't have super popular movies--it's more that people are frustrated by the reboot and the direction the comics have gone lately.


lousy_science January 3 2015, 23:55:25 UTC
Nice little Left Hand...trivia bit here (really, it's a Joanna Russ trivia bit)

There is SO MUCH awesome hockey fic out there, I've begun to recognise the players in non-fic contexts.


snickfic January 6 2015, 14:48:36 UTC
Oh, that is a neat bit of trivia.

Hah, if you hang around here for very long, you will have hockey players foisted on you with some regularity. :D


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