OMWF rewatch

Nov 13, 2009 17:45

I'm back! I return bearing random OMWF rewatch thoughts.

1. Angst. Angst and woe! Despite the awesomeness, this ep gets harder to watch every time.

2. I don't actually like the "Rest in Peace" sequence all that much. There's something about it that makes me uncomfortable. Partly it bothers me that Marsters' singing voice isn't very much like Spike's speaking voice, in accent or tone. Partly it's that I don't like the musical style - by far my favorite part is the bridge as they walk through the graveyard, which is much softer. I dunno.

3. OTOH, Anthony Stewart Head just about had me shivering with "Standing in the Way." My gosh, that man can sing. I didn't even care that I think the logic as presented in that song is silly and a nonsensical characterization of Giles.

4. I think I love the random background singing/dancing more every time I watch. The mustard! Marty Noxon! Street sweepers!

5. Since my last rewatch of the ep, I read nwhepcat's Bitter / Sweet, which for me neatly fanwanks the apparent utter stupidity of Xander first intentionally summoning a demon and then being surprised by its effects. Much as I love Dawn, it makes more sense to me that she summoned the demon, either unintentionally or as yet another S6 cry for attention. Certainly it's easier to read her denial in the ep that way than it is to reconcile Xander's surprise earlier in the ep.

6. Spike saving Buffy at the end is of one my, hmm, probably top-5 favorite Spike/Buffy scenes. And my favorite part of it is when he sings, "You have to keep on living / So that one of us is living." I love the humor of the line. I love how his expression softens and opens. And I love that quirk of a smile.

7. I like very little of the fic associated with this episode. For one thing, the concept doesn't translate well to fic, IMO. For another, it's just so stellar in every way that fic seems almost pointless. (That said, hello_spikey's ficlet Once More, With Lorne is not to be missed.)

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