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May 03, 2014 17:47

Another AO3 stats meme, this time snagged from dhampyresa

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penny_lane_42 May 5 2014, 01:07:04 UTC
Titles are SUCH a battle. Like 20% of the time I hit on just the perfect title that I'm so proud of, but 60% of the time they're only okay, and the remaining 20% I HATE. Titles, man.

I lovelovelove that you've written several fics that are the only fic for a giving pairing!

Also, somebody was talking about hockey on slacktivist the other day and this anecdote made me think of you:

One of the reasons I love hockey - one year they had to delay the All Star banquet because one of their speakers, the captain of the Maple Leafs, was late. They were playing Ottawa that year, and while walking to the event, he came across a game of pond hockey. The kids who were playing recognized him and excitedly begged him to give them some playing tips. He had to play in loafers, but he joined in. Ended up playing with them for almost an hour and totally ruined his fine clothes from being suitable for a public appearance, so his agent had to run back to the hotel and get a new suit for him to change into.


snickfic May 5 2014, 01:22:30 UTC
Oh man, I hear you on titles. This WIP is presently titled "Ain't No Mountain," which is really not what I want but the best I could think of this afternoon. Maybe by the time things go live I'll come up with something better. :\

I am super proud of every one of the fandom/pairing/character tags I've added to AO3. :D

That hockey anecdote completely delights me. That is adorable.


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