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Jul 20, 2013 21:59

I really wasn't planning on a post per volume, but that seems to be what's happening. As opposed to, say, me editing my big bang fic.

So, Pixie Strikes Back by K. Immonen and Pichelli. I picked this miniseries up at the libary because it appeared to be an X-Men book centered on one character, which I hoped would make it more comprehensible. Hah. First, Pixie may be the lead but we meet probably fifteen other X-men as well before it's over, many of them with major roles, including Emma Frost, Nightwalker, Psylocke, Pixie's four friends, and a number of others.

Second, the plot is... not immediately clear. Having read it three times, I understand most of the main plot points, but there are at least three minor ones I'm still not clear on. (Possibly because I'm missing details about Pixie's power set?) Probably I'd have been less confused if I'd known what else was happening in canon around the time of the mini-series; at the very least, I'd have maybe clued in faster that Something Was Off about Pixie's high school, like the fact that her wings were missing. (I thought maybe she just hid them when she wasn't using them.) Or that, as one of the X-men, she doesn't attend high school.

Also, I really disliked the coloring. Here is a random page. See how the shading looks sort of pixelated? That's not a byproduct of digitization; it actually looks like that on paper, only more so, and it doesn't do the art any favors. I think I'd have been generally okay with the art otherwise. (Other than, say, whatever is happening in the vicinity of those two women's boobs. Emma Frost had some troubles there, too.)

On the plus side, I did enjoy what of the character interaction I understood. I'd like to see more of Pixie and her posse, which perhaps I shall, since several of them appear in the background in the first couple of issues of the new X-Men. I enjoyed Emma Frost, although she has much softer edges here than I expected, given what I've heard of her; in the Uncanny X-Men volume I mean to talk about here soon, she's a lot more morally dodgy and much less open to, like, feelings. I immediately and utterly adore Nightcrawler, whom I've only ever seen in the second movie. Possibly I just like characters who are blue. And I appreciated that this is very much the female characters' story; aside from the X-men previously mentioned, Pixie's mother has a significant role as well.

So, in general: certain fun aspects, but not what I'd recommend to newbies like myself, and possibly not to anyone else, either, unless you're really very invested in Pixie.

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