in which Snick enjoys some sitcoms, much to her surprise

Sep 14, 2012 18:00

Generally, I dislike sitcoms. I dislike the characters, I find the scenarios silly and OTT, I can rarely watch an ep all the way through without collapsing of embarrassment squick, and the off-color humor isn't so much "adult" as juvenile. Oh, and I HATE the laugh track. Hate. Even sitcoms recommended by people whose taste I trust, I can't deal with. (Examples: the roommates love The Big Bang Theory; you all adore Community, HIMYM, and Parks and Rec. All struck out with me. Although, FWIW, I hated what I saw of those last two slightly less than I usually hate these things.)

But now, lo! I have now watched the entire run of The IT Crowd, a British sitcom about two geeks working in IT and the computer-illiterate woman put in charge of them, and I liked it! I... can't really say why this worked for me when so many others haven't. The British factor may be part of it? Everything's more respectable in an English accent. Also, despite some sniping, these people actually seem to like each other - although more in the way of family who're stuck together than friends who are together by choice. It also helps that I adored Moss from the get-go and warmed up to Roy and Jen before too long. Likability is very important!

(I liked the show so much, in fact, that I'm thinking about asking for it for Yuletide, assuming I do Yuletide this year. I thought I was skipping because I've already done lots of exchanges this year, but I actually have things to request - The IT Crowd, Coffee Prince, and Disney's cartoon Robin Hood.)

Well, you say, that's just one sitcom. Yes, but I also just watched and enjoyed Matthew Perry's new show Go On. (This even though I avoid Perry on principle on account of disliking his face.) He's a radio DJ unwillingly in group therapy after his wife's death, which did not sound like a winning start to me, but there were several legitimately funny bits, and our protagonist seems to be not entirely a jerk.

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