Recs Post #6

May 19, 2009 15:53

Hurray, new recs! As usual, not all new, but all good. No longfics this time; I'm not sure what's up with that.

Faith/Giles series, by sahiya
comics canon
After I read No Future For You, the S8 trade volume in which Faith and Giles team up, I said, “Where’s all the Faith/Giles fic?” And thanks to antennapedia, I found these, which were just what I wanted. Florence Fucking Nightingale, in particular, is a wonderful study of Faith and of their developing relationship. All three are beautifully written, and do a lovely job balancing between Faith’s tentative trust and all the history weighing her down. Only minimally dependent on comics canon.

Precious Cargo, by aadler
A gorgeous character study of pretty much everyone in S7, via the item each chooses to send away for safekeeping. Funny, poignant, and sometimes just breathtakingly sad.

Intervention Spaiku! by mere_ubu
5.18 “Intervention”
Mere has really outdone herself this time, with 1275 syllables (that’s 75 stanzas) of crunchy Spaiku goodness. Clever, witty, insightful, and oh so deliciously worded. I really can’t say enough about these; they are fabulous.

I Don’t Know Where I’ll Be Tonight, But I’ll Always Tell You Where I Am, by spuffyduds
I’ve recced the heck out of this author already, but here’s one more. While on a road trip to see the world and maybe find herself, Faith starts writing Wesley postcards. This is a sweet, understated, hopeful bit of shippiness, and if I ever managed to write shippy fic myself, I’d want it to look something like this.

kid!verse, by margarks and others
Ats S3 (ish)
If the very idea of kid!Xander and kid!Spike being friends makes you just keel over with cute, then this drabble series is for you. Otherwise, possibly not.

Pretty much everything deird1 has written
deird1 is another one those authors whose stuff is so good that you might as well just read all of it, of which there’s quite a lot because she’s been stunningly prolific her first while in fandom. The thing I love about her work - mostly under 5k words, mostly gen - is how conceptually interesting it is. See, for example, the adorable Small Spaces, in which most of Wesley’s memories of Dawn from S3 involve her hiding under the table. Then read the much longer sequel Waiting Game, which takes that idea someplace deeper and more poignant. Try Whitehat, an entire fic about Nancy, the girl who got one scene in “The Wish” in S3. Or, for my especial favorite, read Dial N for Nancy-Boy, a perfectly characterized drabble series (I adore drabble series) of phone calls from Spike to Angel (I also adore non-slashy Spike and Angel interaction), S4-S7. Now complete with DVD commentary!

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